Queer Museum of Digital Art Drops First Artist Grant Program NFT

The Queer Museum of Digital Art (QMoDA) on Tuesday, January 24, dropped the first NFT art from its artist grant program. As part of the first annual edition of the event, the grant awarded 10 artists with 1 ETH each. Furthermore, all NFTs from the artists are dropping on Zora. Some of the awarded artists include Tyler Givens, Laurel Charleston, Glitch of Mind, and Kate The Cursed. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Queer Museum of Digital Art artist grant program: 

Modigliani’s Woman, the first NFT from the artist grant program. Credit: Daniel Oropeza

What is the Queer Museum of Digital Art?

The Queer Museum of Digital Art is a community focused on preserving art and culture from trans and queer creators on the blockchain. Essentially, QMoDA has a vault of NFTs based on Ethereum and Tezos, all collected from both emerging and established artists. Moreover, as a decentralised community, it aims to put the power in the hands of the community they are serving. 

But what led to setting up the Queer Museum of Digital Art? Apparently, several IRL art museums dedicated to queer culture have been disposing physical artworks from the 80s and 90s. This then led the QMoDA team to set up an entity that would permanently preserve “art and cultural contributions made by trans and queer people worldwide.”

“We didn’t want to call QMoDA a Museum of “queer art” because that term can be very limiting,” Zak Krevitt, one of the leaders of QMoDA, told Outland. “The institution itself is queer—it’s powered by queer and trans people.”

“A queer approach means rejecting the rigidity of traditional structures and embracing an expansive understanding of the universe,” Krevitt added. “We’re working toward a collection that represents this vision of the world, and one that empowers historically marginalized communities through visibility, education, and financial support.”

homepage of Zora NFT marketplace showing QMoDA artworks from Queer Museum of Digital Art
All the NFTs will drop on Zora. Credit: Zora

What is the QMoDA Artist Grant Program?

In its first annual artist grant program, the Queer Museum of Digital Art supports 10 artists with 1 ETH each. While the QMoDA board selected the first five artists, the selected artists chose the next five. Cyshimi | Vivian Lee Hsu, Daniel Oropeza, Dawnia Darkstone Lets Glitch It, and Glitch of Mind are some of the artists on the list. Additionally, Kate The Cursed, Laurel Charleston, Nickelly Garbaje, Tyler Givens, Wrecks, and Xelda Jara completes the list.

In the next 10 weeks, each artist will release an NFT on Zora. Daniel Oropeza launched the first piece yesterday. Titled Modigliani’s Woman, the edition of 50 NFT costs 0.035 ETH. Notably, Oropeza used artificial intelligence, digital painting, and coding to create the striking artwork. At the same time, it pays homage to Amedeo Modigliani, a 20th-century painter. 

At the time of writing, three of the 30 NFTs were already minted. So, make sure to keep an eye on Zora and the Queer Museum of Digital Art’s social media pages to not miss any upcoming drops. 



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