Put An End To Concerns About Trader’s Money After Their Death

In todays busy world, all of us have some kind of important information that even in this digital era, we keep them on a piece of paper, in a book or sometimes in a safe. This information may include personal, financial, documents, our family and friend’s birthday, important dates in our lives and most importantly our will that we carelessly neglect to take care of systematically.

So what’s the problem? The biggest issue is a safe place that we can categories and keep all this info there.

It would really be great if we can find a way to categories and organize all this information.

It would really be great if we can find a way to save all this information in a one safe place.

It would really be great if someone can remind us all the important events and dates like our anniversary, so we wouldn’t forget them in today’s busy life.

It would really be great if we knew someone trustworthy so he/she would keep our will safe and would follow it’s every step after we die, and would give all this information and documents to our loved ones.

Humans are bound in time and space.

Imagine you are on your way back home and suddenly remember that you have to edit a document that you have been working on but because the document is not available, you may forget to edit it the day after so because you are bound in that place you cannot edit the document.

Have you ever thought about your death and all that important information?

Will your information and documents be lost with your death?

Death is always scary, but we all have millions of secrets, stories and concerns that we must take care of.

It is probably a good idea to stay connected with some people even after we die, it can be done by saving a will or message so it can be sent to those people after we die.

Maybe we have some secrets that we like to be revealed after we die.

Or something to be published,

Or a flower to be sent to our loved ones in special occasions,

And many other things to be done for our family and friends.

But all these are almost impossible, because we are long gone.

But imagine having an angel in after life so that he would listen and follow all your orders and can convey those messages to people in this world.

It would be very exciting that we can surprise our loved ones on their birthday with a gift, a flower or a message.

Thinking about all these things certainly would frustrate you.

But think about a real solution, an online application that will do all of these wishes anywhere, anytime without any limitation.

An international Sweden company under the Gate Trade brand has recently introduced an application that you can save an archive of all your documents,

Having an online diary,

Upload pictures and videos,

Save your password safely,

Make reminders for important events and occasions,

And most importantly make a will that will be sent to whomever you chose after you die in a specific way and time.

This application is named Razielbook.

This app is based on innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, that makes it an innovative idea to invest in and use the future benefits of its ICO and currency.

It worth mentioning that Razielbook removes the limitation of time and space so it will help you while you are alive and after you pass away. Being based on blockchain, it makes sure your info will stay on safe even after you are long gone.

Razielbook project ICO has been sold privately and from July 15th its ICO, also part of the project share, will be available to the public to be purchased.

This project is available to all from every country and culture. We wish peace for all so there is no sanctions or limitation for any country. All people, Iranian included, can use our product.

To show our appreciation, Raziel will give part of its ICO to the user who registers in https://Ico.RazielBook.com/identity/regiser free of charge.

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