PUMA Pushes Boundaries with New NFT Collection

Iconic sports brand PUMA announce the launch of a complete digital makeover and PFP NFT project for their mascot “Super PUMA”. The new collection celebrates the brand’s 75th anniversary, by ushering in new technologies and experiences. So, what does the brand’s latest NFT endeavor have to offer?

Puma NFT PFPs Incoming!

PUMA PFP Collection: What You Should Know

Super PUMA was originally a comic released in the 1970s. The brand new PUMA NFT brings the character to the digital realm as a PFP avatar on the blockchain. The digital collection reflects PUMA’s legacy in sports and culture as it comes to life in the NFT universe. Additionally, this collection is also tied to an original storyline.

The Super PUMA NFT collection runs alongside their other project “The Nitro Collection”, which focuses on digital fashion, specifically innovative shoe styles. Holders of the Nitro Collection NFTs gain first (and priority) access to the PFP NFT. Moreover, Nitro Collection holders receive these PFPs in accordance with the number of Nitro NFTs they hold. To add to this, the Super PUMA digital collectibles are also a partner collection on the 10KTF digital marketplace. This makes PUMA the first ever traditional brand to establish itself on 10KTF, making this collection even more special.

The integration also allows Super PUMA holders to place their digital items on 10KTF blanks and participate in 10KTF missions. The latest launch also marks 1 year since the sports innovators registered their ENS domain Puma.eth.  The latest digital asset collection pushes PUMA’s “Forever Faster” mission to new frontiers. The Super PUMA collection features 10,000 units, as below:

  • 4000 of them will be airdropped to Holders of Nitro Collection by PUMA
  • 2000 of them will be allotted for Community of @10KTFshop
  • 4000 of them will be sold publicly through WL Spots.

More information is to arrive as PUMA gears up for their massive web3 ramp-up. Collectors may follow the official PUMA Twitter account for more information.



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