PolkaPet World and VIKER launch ‘Play-and-Earn’ Partnership

PolkaPet World and VIKER are teaming up to bring ‘Play-And-Earn’ to the masses. In fact, PolkaPet NFT holders will receive a free VIKER PolkaPet Pass. This pass allows holders to earn double points when playing any game from VIKER’s portfolio, including SOLITAIRE. Additionally, pass holders will be eligible to earn the PolkaPet token, $PETS, starting in 2023.

PolkaPet World NFTs offer dynamic capabilities for communities. Credit: RioDeFi Twitter.

What is a PolkaPet World NFT?

PolkaPet World is an ‘Add-On NFT’ that builds partnerships with brands who want to add utility to existing projects. Each partner receives their own ‘Pet’ NFT that can be used to drive engagement with their communities or serve as a key to gated content. Moreover, PolkaPet is special in its use of PolkaDot’s cross-chain protocols, which allow for interoperability across all blockchains.

Two men wearing "VIKER" shirts stand side by side in front of a brick wall.
VIKER is opening up its portfolio of games to PolkaPet World. Credit: BlockChainGamer.biz.

How are Forj and VIKER Involved?

Forj and VIKER are the two big names that are driving the project. Forj is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands that focuses on creating unique fan experiences for creators like Logan Paul and Lewis Capaldi. On the other hand, VIKER is a leading ‘Play-and-Earn’ mobile games studio. Together, the partnership marks a strong foray into mass adoption – paring Forj’s experiential expertise and VIKER’s gaming community.

In addition, Forj CEO and PolkaPet World Team Lead, Harry L, had this to say, “Onboarding Web 2.0 audiences to Web3 gaming experiences was core to the vision underpinning PolkaPet World.”

A series of cartoon characters stand in front of a white background for Animoca Brands.
Animoca Brands continues to develop innovations in digital gaming. Credit: AsiaCryptoToday.

What is Animoca Brands’ Big Bet?

Forj and VIKER releasing PolkaPet World is a strong offering to fans looking to get involved with the ‘Play-And-Earn’ space. What’s more, the benefits of the VIKER PolkaPet Pass are significant and the ability to earn across a range of games is noted. Overall, it seems that Animoca Brands continues to push forward with its big bet on digital gaming.



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