Phantom Galaxies Play and Earn Event Is Live!

Astrafite Rush event, Phantom Galaxies’ first-ever play-and-earn event is currently live! Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios announced on November 4, 2022, that the event has kicked off. The 6-week event will last until December 14 and be broken up into 6 cycles. In addition, players will have the chance to earn rewards for the first time in-game.

This multi-chain RPG blockchain game is not your ordinary game, with AAA scope and quality, it has players intrigued. If you’re asking yourself if you can still participate in the event, the answer is yes. Now let’s get into the details!

Animoca Brands, Astrafite Rush play-and-earn event kicked off on November 4 and lasts until December 14, 2022. Credit: Phantom Galaxies

Details about Astrafite Rush play-and-earn event and how you can participate

Astrafite Rush is Phantom Galaxies’ first play-and-earn event. Players must race to mine Astrafite and defeat diabolical pirates to earn Astrafer tokens. To participate, players must first hold at least one Phantom Galaxies’ Origin Collection NFT. Additionally, they must download Phantom Galaxies and complete episodes 1-3 of the game.

The event is split up into 6 cycles that will take place over the course of 6 weeks. Below are the dates and times of each cycle.

Phantom Galaxies event times

Once each cycle ends, players must go to the Official Phantom Galaxies Astrafite Rush webpage to save the progress they made. In addition, players can claim rewards at the end of the event.

Who are Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studio?

Founded in 2008, Blowfish Studio is an award-winning games developer and publisher. The Australian-based studio has made and published games like Winter Ember, Blackwind Projection: First Light and many more. To note, they’re the subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

Furthermore, Animoca Brands, founded in 2014, is a leader in gamification and blockchain with over 340 investments. Their mission is to ” advance digital property rights and decentralized projects to help build the open metaverse.” Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, believes that they will onboard traditional gamers to Web3. Through their top-tier gaming experiences, players will enjoy the true benefits of digital assets.


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