PFL and CrossTower Revolutionize MMA Fan Experience with NFT VIP Access

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has unveiled a pioneering partnership with Web3 technology leader, CrossTower. Designed to revolutionize fan experiences, this collaboration integrates NFTs using the XRP Ledger blockchain.

The Professional Fighters League and CrossTower plan to release limited edition NFT VIP tickets.

What do these NFTs offer?

Coming soon is an exclusive offer. On June 23rd, The Professional Fighters League and CrossTower plan to release limited edition NFT VIP tickets. These tickets are for the Regular Season event, which will be held at the OTE Arena in Atlanta.

What do these NFTs offer? Quite a lot. They grant buyers access to unique experiences. Premium SmartCage-side seating, exclusive weigh-in events, and fighter meet-and-greets are just the start. Furthermore, selected fans will get the chance to step inside the PFL SmartCage for a personalized ring-walk experience.

PFL’s CEO, Peter Murray, is excited about this collaboration. He believes it will greatly enhance fan engagement. On the other hand, CrossTower’s CEO, Kapil Rathi, highlights the innovative nature of the initiative. According to him, these unprecedented experiences are a first for the fans.

What exactly is PFL?

PFL is a unique entity in the MMA world. It’s the second-largest organization globally, standing out with its distinctive sports-season format. Also, PFL’s proprietary SmartCage demonstrates its commitment to technological innovation. With live broadcasts on ESPN and ESPN+, PFL reaches a broad international audience.

In summary, this groundbreaking partnership redefines fan experiences. It sets a new standard in the MMA industry through NFT VIP tickets. By embracing blockchain technology, this initiative is transforming fan engagement and reshaping the sporting event experience. This partnership could well signal the start of a new era for sports fans and the wider industry.



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