Pepsi Is Launching NFTs For Their Indian Customers

Pepsi, the soft drink company, has announced it will be releasing a NFT collection for their Indian consumers.

Pepsi has announced an NFT collection for their Indian customers. Credit: Forbes India.

Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection

On November 17, PepsiCo announced that they’ll be creating the Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection exclusively for their Indian customers. In detail, PepsiCo’s India Design Team, in collaboration with UK-based illustrator Timea Balo, will create the collection. The NFTs will be listed on Opensea and minted on Polygon blockchain. Further, there are seven themes within the collection, such as fashion, dance, environment, music, social, creativity, and games. In addition, there will be three variations of each theme and four variations inspired by music. 

Moreover, the collectibles curated around Pepsi Black, display the brand’s pillars of innovation, self-expression, and evolution. The brand stated they designed the collection to connect with the younger generation who believes in self-expression and technology. “Centered on the alterations around the classic Pepsi Black “Zero” visual, inspired by the brand’s passion points to portray poignant nuances such as sustainability, rhythm, movement, creativity, art, the evolving world of social media, and gamification,” said Pepsi.

#PepsiBlackeffect challenge

For a chance to win a Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT, Pepsi will host the #PepsiBlackeffect challenge on the social app, Moj. In detail, the Indian community must use the Pepsi Black filter lens and flaunt their personalities. 





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