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Toonstartoons, a Web3 story studio, has teamed up with Theta Network. Moreover, they have announced the release of their new adult-animated series “Space Junk”. The comedy series features garbage collectors in space and was created by Dominic Russo, co-creator of “Workaholics”. Jon Heder, famous for his role in “Napoleon Dynamite”, and Tony Cavalero from “School of Rock” are the stars of the show. “Space Junk” is the third original series from Toonstar and will be available for streaming on May 19. The show is powered by the Theta media and entertainment blockchain. It provides a unique storytelling model where digital token holders can participate in the narrative development. As so, they can create their characters and storylines.

Toonstar Launches Adult-Animated Series “Space Junk” With Theta Network

Unique Storytelling Model and the Potential of Blockchain Technology

Toonstar’s storytelling model has resulted in engagement levels that rival the gaming industry. Founded by Dreamworks, Disney, and Warner Bros. veterans John Attanasio and Luisa Huang, the studio offers a model that empowers creators and fans. Encouraging them to engage in unique fan experiences. According to Attanasio, with each series released this year, the technology has moved forward to broaden opportunities for creators and fans to engage with the story world and take part in building new hit IP. With “Space Junk”, Toonstar is also merging great content with gameplay. Said Gameplay will launch a new Web3-enabled model of interactive entertainment.

Andrea Berry, Head of Business Development at Theta Labs, is thrilled to partner with Toonstar on “Space Junk”. She believes the series will demonstrate to the entertainment industry what’s possible when blockchain technology comes into the fold. Since it empowers creators and fans to engage and create in powerful new ways. She considers Toonstar a valuable technology developer to bring a dynamic, interactive experience to life by building on the Theta video infrastructure. This is a custom Theta subchain and NFT marketplace.

AI-Generated Voice and Participatory Storytelling

In a first for the industry, “Space Junk” will feature a character voiced entirely by AI voice-generated software. The character is a robot. Its name is “Wellbecca.” It will interact directly with the Space Junk community, acting as a creative co-pilot for community members. As so, using AI and dynamic NFTs, Wellbecca will help creators turn their prompts into original short stories set within the Space Junk universe. Jon Heder, co-founder of Verified Labs and executive producer of “Space Junk,” believes that the participatory storytelling aspect of the show presents an opportunity. One that will bring more creators into the fold to uncover fresh stories and ideas.

The issue of space garbage has been in the media forefront lately, with an international team of researchers estimating there are more than 100 trillion pieces of floating debris in space. Toonstar collaborated with an aerospace engineer to ensure that the looming space junk problem is accurate. The show aims to provide a lighthearted approach to the problem while still accurately portraying the situation.

Bringing it together

Toonstar’s “Space Junk” is a unique comedy series that brings a fresh perspective to the issue of space garbage. With the help of Theta Network, the show’s storytelling model empowers creators and fans to engage in unique fan experiences. With the use of AI and dynamic NFTs, Toonstar is pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. It is also inviting creators to be part of the storytelling process. The partnership with Theta Labs showcases the potential of blockchain technology in empowering creators and fans to engage and create in powerful new ways. As Toonstar continues to release new original series, it will be exciting to see how they push the boundaries of storytelling and engage with their community in innovative ways. “Space Junk” will be available for streaming on May 19 and promises to be a lighthearted and entertaining take on a serious issue.

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