Pablo Stanley Of Robotos Fame Launches NFT Project: Humankind

Founder of Robotos NFT, Pablo Stanley, has announced the launch of his highly anticipated Humankind NFT collectibles. This is the debut drop from the Humankind web3 IP studio and also features 10,000 unique black and white digital collectibles. So what are the Humankind Collectibles, and who is Pablo Stanley?

For All Humankind

What Are The Humankind Collectibles?

Pablo Stanley has been at the forefront of storytelling via NFTs. With the massive success of his Robotos project, he has launched his next endeavor in the space – Humankind. The 10k Humankind collection is a treasure of raw nostalgia and inclusivity in the growing industry. Backed with a magnificently crafted story, collectors will find that the collection goes beyond the artwork and speaks to the empath in all of us. Significantly, holding a Humankind NFT also grants access to special utilities within their world. This includes support to HK Studios, and dibs on future projects like Creaturekind, Spiritkind, and Monsterkind. Futhermore, other perks include participation in the building of the world, sneak peeks, access to the latest products/merch, and more!

How is Humankind Supporting Artists?

To add to this, Pablo Stanley’s Humankind project is a driving force for supporting artists of all kinds. Humankind has two core divisions – Humankind Studios, and The Humankind Foundation. HK Studios is an Intellectual Property studio responsible for producing original media such as video games, animations, comic books, TV series, and other forms of content. They are also in charge of making sure the community visions for the project are realized and brought to life. Secondly, the Humankind Foundation will introduce a fellowship allowing artists to continue making art, learn about web3, and use the power of a community to amplify their makings.

“Humankind Studios aims to bring warm, human, and empathetic images of the future. We believe we can
only solve Humankind’s problems by working together. We must first imagine and discuss what’s worth
striving for, and then use technology to crowdsource our collective creativity to write the stories of how
humans will restore the world.” said Pablo Stanley, artist, tech entrepreneur, and Creator of the Robotos and Humankind NFT Collections.

You may mint your NFT on the official Humankind website. The mint process on the official website also follows Humankind characters Maya and Dallas on a mini-adventure!

About Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley is the founder of multiple successful projects like Robotos NFT, Bueno,, and others. The Robotos NFT project has also announced an upcoming children’s animated series in partnership with TIME Studios & Corus Entertainment. TIME Studios is TIME’s Emmy Award-winning television and film production division.



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