Oscar Award Winning Filmmakers Turn To NFTs For Funding

Oscar Award-winning filmmakers Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton plan to fundraise their latest documentary using the power of web3 and NFTs. “Sticks and Shelter” is the story of recovering addict and ex-professional drummer, Micky Donnovan. The story follows his life at the Macari Centre for the homeless run by Manchester United legend Lou Macari. The duo launches the campaign on popular web3 media company Paus.tv.

How Are NFTs Helping The Oscar Award Winning Filmmakers?

NFTs are leading a new era of fundraising for media and content-based projects. The story of “Sticks and Shelters” is set in the middle of a troubled Britain. In the midst of economic disparity and a homelessness crisis, the documentary tells the story of hope and friendship. Moreover, the Slick Films team (writer Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton) teaming up with Paus.tv aim to raise $50,000 using NFTs as its driving force for the campaign. The NFTs are distributed across 4 tiers, with each tier also unlocking exclusive rewards and revenue share for the contributors.

The campaign has already begun running from January 30th for a limited time. Paus drives the charge for this unique fundraiser to bring the “Sticks and Shelter” documentary to life. By backing the project, collectors not only support the film, but also the Macari foundation directly.

“Stoke-on-Trent usually gets media attention for all the wrong reasons and although Monkey Dust (a terrible synthetic drug) has a tight grip on the city… That bleak depiction doesn’t tell the full story,” says Rachel Shenton. “Although Sticks & Shelter demonstrates that addiction and loneliness don’t discriminate, it’s also a hopeful story of friendship, love, and music.”

Chris Overton adds, “One of the biggest driving forces of Sticks & Shelter is seeing Micky’s lost passion
for music and drums reignite in rare moments. My hope is that with the encouragement of Lou Macari
and the deadline of a concert, Mickey might have another shot.”

You can find out more information about the film here.





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