Orbitel To Launch O’s Bubble Boba Man NFTs on Polygon

Taiwanese Food Brand Orbitel To Launch Boba Man NFTs

Taiwanese food brand Orbitel International will launch Boba Man NFTs on Polygon.  Boba tea represents an estimated $2.1 billion US Dollar industry.  The industry expects to grow to over $8 billion US Dollars in the next ten years.  Just this year, Orbitel introduced  O’s Bubbles Boba Tea to its line of instant products.  Although it is a recent product introduction, the product enjoys an excellent reception, especially during these times of inflation.

The boba tea NFT industry is booming

Boba tea is not just popular as a drink throughout the world, but in the NFT community as well.  There are already boba tea-themed collections on Solana, Cronos, and on Ethereum.  This is a competitive but popular NFT theme.

Orbitel Launching on Polygon

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Polygon is scaling the NFT community by onboarding major brands
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Orbitel will join other popular brands such as Adidas, Prada, Starbucks and Mattel on Polygon.  Polygon has onboarded a large number of web2 brands into it’s NFT collection this last year.  They definitely seem to have the magic formula down for onboarding these brands.  One reason they may be enjoying such success in the NFT space is the partnership with Stripe payment processor.  Purchasing an NFT is now as simple as a credit card swipe.

Sign up for your chance at an adorable Boba Tea NFT

Cute pink boba tea pearl in mint green sailor outfit and glasses.
1,000 NFTs will be airdropped to selected entrants

1,000 of these adorable tea pearls will arrive in a variety of colors in December 2022.  The Boba Man NFT will be a free NFT but you must enter to be eligible.  Winners will receive the NFT by airdropp and the NFTs will be available on OpenSea for secondary resales.


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