Orange Comet and The Doodle Boy Team Up for New Digital Collectible Series, “The Remarkables”

Orange Comet, the trendsetting Web3 media and gaming company, is betting big on 13-year-old artistic genius Doodle Boy. The LA-based company announced yesterday that they are partnering with Joe Whale, better known as Doodle Boy, to release an NFT collection called “The Remarkables”. What is Orange Comet?

Doodle Boy creating his iconic Black and White doodle artwork for a children’s hospital in the UK
Image Credit: Shropshire Star

What is Orange Comet?

Orange Comet’s goal is to be the “world’s premiere Web3 entertainment company driving the digital revolution.” Led by CEO Dave Broome, Orange Comet has already partnered with many huge IP franchises. Their NFT collections include projects from The Walking Dead, Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches series, and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

These impressive collaborations come as no surprise considering Orange Comet’s team of investors and advisors. Their team includes celebrities Superbowl Champion Kurt Warner, Grammy award winners Gloria and Emilio Estefan, and Star Trek’s William Shatner.

Who is Doodle Boy

Doodle Boy is a 13-year-old artist from Shrewsbury, UK named Joe Whale. He began drawing at the age of 3 and has already worked with mega-brands Nike, Disney, and Pixar. The young creator boasts more than 160k followers on his personal Instagram account. Additionally, he has received endorsements from the future King and Queen of England, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Sample showing Doodle Boy's artwork style
Sample of 13-year-old Joe Whale’s artwork
Image Credit:

Doodle Boy draws inspiration from his surroundings. He uses black markers to create funny, whimsical cartoon characters on white canvas and murals. His new NFT collection will include 3,500 new characters in his trademark doodle style. After the mint on April 25, Orange Comet will color the doodles, make them into clay renderings, and then animate them.

The artist says he is excited to dive into NFTs. He notes, “I’ve only ever drawn with a black marker and a blank sheet of canvas, but I’ve always imagined my art coming to life in other formats in my head. It’s amazing that my fans and I will have the unique opportunity to experience my drawings in motion through the power of animation.”

“The Remarkables” collection will serve as the first step in the creation of a larger Web3 world full of vivid characters and immersive storytelling. By harnessing the potential of the young savant Doodle Boy, Orange Comet continues to be a leader in the growing space of Web3 media.



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