OneOf makes Major Acquisition to Revolutionize Web3 Rewards

OneOf made a huge step forward in its mission to onboard a billion non-crypto natives to Web3 this week. The NFT platform announced the acquisition of TAP Network, a software company that creates customer loyalty programs for some of the world’s biggest brands. Why did OneOf acquire TAP Network?

OneOf bought TAP Network to help accomplish its goal of onboarding a billion people to Web3

Why did OneOf acquire TAP Network?

TAP Network has developed proprietary software that uses blockchain technology to build customer loyalty programs. Customers can use this software to earn points or cryptocurrency. Those points or crypto can later be swapped for IRL items from over 250,000 brands. Some of TAP Network’s clients include Uber, Warner Music Group, and Brave.

OneOf is using this software to create a new product called OnePlatform. OnePlatform will combine TAP Network’s technology with OneOf’s user-friendly NFT platform. By doing so, the California-based company looks to revolutionize the brand/consumer relationship by rewarding the consumers for interacting with the brands. In the process, OneOf believes customers will become brand advocates.

CEO Lin Dai writes, “Web3 presents an opportunity for major brands and institutions unlike anything prior. Rather than brands ‘paying a toll’ to access their own audience via Big Tech platforms, enterprises can now own their Web3 platform and tech stack from the start, and build authentic, lasting relationships with their communities.”

Lin Dai is the CEO and co-founder of OneOf
Lin Dai created OneOf to make Web3 easy for everyone

What is OneOf?

OneOf is a Web3 platform that makes creating and collecting NFTs easy. Anybody can use it to sell digital collectibles without needing to know anything about smart contracts. Since it’s creation in 2021, the Web3 company has created digital collectibles for Doja Cat, The Notorious B.I.G, American Express, Ebay, Anheuser-Busch, Gatorade, and more.

By acquiring TAP Network, OneOf is making it easy for brands to build customer loyalty programs using blockchain technology and continues to be a leader in making Web3 accessible for everyone.



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