Oncyber’s AI-Powered Tool Lets Users Customize Metaverse with Ease!

The powerful metaverse platform Oncyber welcomed AI tech with open arms for its latest innovative feature: Magic Composer. In essence, this virtual tool uses ChatGPT 3.5 to help users customize their metaverse surroundings via text prompts. Artists and collectors can upgrade their Web3 environment with top NFTs, landscapes, NFT galleries, and more without any coding skills.

Oncyber’s latest feature, called Magic Composer, uses ChatGPT’s AI technology to facilitate users’ metaverse creative process.

How Does Oncyber’s AI-Powered Tool Work?

The Web3 company Oncyber revealed a brand new tool for all of its metaverse platforms. The Magic Composer feature helps users personalize their Web3 experiences by customizing their 3D environment.

The best part? You don’t need coding skills or even Metaverse experience to change backgrounds, showcase NFTs, or bring other visions to life. That’s because the new Oncyber tool uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 language model – the viral AI tech everybody is into right now.

Basically, you can enter any Oncyber metaverse, write a text prompt explaining the upgrade you want to make, and let Magic Composer handle the implementation. In a short trailer tweeted this week, Oncyber shows how typing “Add all artworks by Terrell Jones” instantly created a 3D virtual NFT gallery.

screenshot from the Oncyber NFT galley created with AI tech
Users can create, change, and upgrade their Metaverse environment with a single text prompt.

Is This The Future of The Metaverse?

Right now, AI tech is still in its infancy, and companies are just beginning to explore its utility for their businesses. While it’s difficult to say how this innovation will impact the Web3 sector, we already see fascinating tools and features from top Web3 brands.

For example, the Web3 research studio Alethea AI launched a dApp that allows users to create NFTs using AI tech in January. The feature called CharacterGPT helps collectors generate a fully-interactive character based on a simple text prompt.

Likewise, Oncyber’s AI-powered Magic Composer proves that AI tech can play a decisive role in how users interact, create, and play within the Metaverse.



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