NYX Makeup Launches NFTs to Access The First Beauty DAO

This week, NYX Professional Makeup revealed the first beauty DAO in the NFT sector: GORJS. According to the L’Oreal-owned brand, this community will serve as a place where digital creators can thrive. The project’s advisory board features The Sandbox‘s co-founder, a Polygon Labs expert, and more Web3 specialists. Their debut NFT Passes, FKWME, will be available for pre-mint on January 31, so here’s everything you should know about the drop!

NYX Professional Makeup is launching the GORJS DAO to empower NFT content creators and artists in the Web3 world.

NYX Makeup GORJS: How Does The New DAO Work?

The popular makeup brand NYX starts 2023 by entering the Web3 world. Their first major project, titled GORJS, is a community-focused DAO supporting beauty in all of its forms. The new organization will celebrate creators’ diversity and empower their progress in the digital era.

For example, artists will be able to get funding for their new NFT projects and reach a global audience. In the future, the NYX team will also launch a creator suite to help users bring their vision to life.

In fact, this one-of-a-kind journey begins with FKWME – the NFT Passes that grant you access to the NYX GORJS DAO. The digital assets will drop on February 1st for 0.19 ETH per piece. All subsequent NFT drops from the upcoming GORJS Season collections will be available via OpenSea.


What Perks Do FKME Pass Holders Get?

Firstly, each holder will get NFT airdrops from the upcoming GORJS Season collections. This means you can receive one collectible from each funded NFT project launched in one quarter of the year.

Moreover, each FKME Pass holder can vote for important decisions within the DAO, including future NFT project funding, exclusive drops, and more. Other important perks are:

  • Token allocation to determine governance;
  • Token yield for voting and bidding for allowlists.
digital image of a pair of eyes wearing colorful makeup
The team’s highly experienced 3D designers, developers, and business specialists are ready to take the digital beauty industry to a new level. Credit: GORJS

Who is behind NYX’s GORJS NFTs?

In short, the DAO founding team consists of NYX Professional Makeup team leaders and NFT experts. From 3D artists such as Thomas Ntamtsios to developers and designers like Aurora Achille, Team Alpha aims to push the boundaries of the beauty world in a digital era.

Nevertheless, the project also has an impressive advisory board. Their main members are Sebastien Borget (Co-Founder of The Sandbox), Polygon Labs’ Brian Trunzo, and Evelyn Mora from Digital Village to name a few.

“With our first FKWME NFT collection, GORJS is elevating 3D creators across the industry, and cultivating growth, equity and innovation within the community, and ultimately, providing them a path to success within the Web3 ecosystem,” said NYX Cosmetics Global Brand President, Yann Joffredo.



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