NounsDAO Will Donate 100 ETH To ZachXBT’s Detective Efforts

NounsDAO has passed a proposal to donate 100 ETH to ZachXBT to support their “investigative journalism”. Recognising the important role the crypto detective has played in exposing a host of crypto and NFT scams, the recent proposal passed with a majority of 180 votes. NounsDAO itself was the victim of a Twitter hack early this year. 

Here’s all you need to know about NounsDAO’s proposal to fund ZachXBT:

Beeple’s artwork honouring ZachXBT. Credit: Beeple

About NounsDAO’s proposal to fund ZachXBT

Ever since NFTs started getting mainstream attention, a host of scams have shaken the industry. Recently, a Mutant Ape holder attempted to scam community members by offering to sell their mutant. Scammers have also been notorious for hacking high-profile Twitter accounts, including those of Zeneca, Digidaigaku CEO, and even that of the British Army.

It is under these circumstances that NounsDAO has passed a proposal to support crypto detective ZachXBT. The proposal received 180 votes in favour and 20 against.

“ZachXBT is a public good serving the crypto ecosystem through tireless research exposing countless scams,” the proposal reads. “Recent events have highlighted the dire need and importance of such work. This prop proposes to fund 100 ETH to their donation address: zachxbt.eth.”

Who is ZachXBT?

ZachXBT is an anonymous user striving to bring justice to the crypto and NFT space. Indeed, they have played a crucial role in exposing a host of scammers in the space, including Tai Lopez and BitBoy Crypto. They even exposed three people believed to be behind a massive hack targeting NFT artist Beeple’s Twitter account. What’s more, Beeple thanked their efforts through an artwork honouring ZachXBT. 

Besides, French cyber crime authorities even utilised the on-chain sleuth’s research to nab fraudsters who allegedly stole $2.5 million worth of NFTs. The phishing scam ran by a group of five stole NFTs including Bored Apes and Mutant Apes. 



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