NFTNYC PROOF x Beeple Event Announced for Holders

The NFT world is abuzz with anticipation as details about the exclusive NFT.NYC PROOF x Beeple event in Brooklyn on April 13th emerge. This unforgettable night will bring together a lucky group of 400 NFT enthusiasts for an evening of networking, collaboration, and celebration of digital art. With a live Beeple performance, great music, and a sneak peek at the Diamond Nest Trailer, this event is set to be an exceptional experience.

Only 400 NFT holders will have the opportunity to attend. Credit: @moonbirds Twitter.

Exclusive Event for 400 Lucky NFT Enthusiasts

Moonbirds shared important information about the raffle, including eligibility and priority details. PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities_xyz holders are eligible to enter the raffle to win a ticket for Beeple’s Live Everyday event. Priority will be given to holders who claimed a PROOF of Conference ticket. Then, by holders with multiple tokens in the PROOF ecosystem. To enter the raffle, participants can visit the PROOF mint site with winners announced on April 4th at 5 PM EST.

PROOF recently revealed that the event will take place on April 13th in Brooklyn and will be open to holders. However, with limited space for only 400 attendees, winning a ticket to this exclusive gathering is a coveted prize. Furthermore, 10 fortunate in-person attendees will receive a special NFT during the event. Keep in mind, tickets are non-transferable.

Several iconic Beeple images are broguht together against a white background with the artist's face in the center. Some of the figures include his rendition of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and the bald eagle.
However, more events are planned for NFT.NYC and holders won’t want to miss out. Credit: Esquire.

For those who can’t make it to Brooklyn, the event will be live-streamed and gated for all PROOF holders. Additionally, 90 NFTs will be allocated for Diamond Nesters at the upcoming Diamond Exhibition. Moonbirds also hinted at more opportunities to connect with the community. The entire list of NFT.NYC events was shared shortly after the Beeple Event announcement via the PROOF Twitter account.

As the excitement builds, the NFT community eagerly awaits this night of art, music, and connection. The NFT.NYC PROOF x Beeple event is destined to be an unforgettable experience. In fact, as digital art enthusiasts come together to celebrate their shared passion in the heart of Brooklyn, Web3 continues to reach new heights.

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