NFT Project Founder Exposed For Deceiving Holders Over Artwork

ZachXBT, has recently exposed an NFT project founder and artist that goes by the name of @jyxdi through a Twitter thread. The crypto sleuth caught the artist red-handed for using another artist’s work and indicating it was hers. Not to mention, she used the art created by Fiverr artist Sajol Hassan from Bangledesh for her NFT project titled Spirit Gates. Let’s dive into the details of the issue at hand.

The project founder of Spirit Gates has been exposed by ZachXBT for using a Fiverr artists work without giving credit.

An overview of the fiasco

ZachXBT voiced through a Twitter thread that he discovered that the award-winning artist, Jyothee, bought 60 art pieces from Sajol for $25–50 each, starting on May 2022. She would then post his art via Instagram and Twitter and imply that she was the artist behind the pieces. Further, the artist also used his work when promoting her NFT project, Spirit Gates, which generated $376k in Sep 2022. The thread contains specific examples of this. It’s also worth noting that the Bangladeshi artist also created the base model for the NFT collection.

What was the project founder’s response?

The crypto sleuth managed to reach out to Jyothee, the NFT project founder and confront her about the subject matter. Her claim was that the project’s website credited Sajol back in October. ZachXBT replied to that claim with a tweet saying “oddly weeks after the project minted.” along with evidence that the website archive said otherwise. At this time there are no mentions of Sajol’s name in the projects Discord, Twitter, and Opensea accounts.



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