Nakamapes NFT Founder Allegedly Paid to Manipulate Market

In a shocking revelation, the NFT founder of Nakamapes has admitted to being paid to manipulate the NFT market. The disclosure exposes the dark underbelly of the burgeoning Web3 space, as this confession follows a heated battle between two derivative NFT projects, Nakamapes and Nakamonkes.

Nakamapes NFT Founder Allegedly Paid to Manipulate Market. Source: Twitter

Corruption and Toxicity: The Dark Side of the NFT Space

The NFT founder’s statement underscores the alleged corruption and toxicity within the NFT space, implicating influencers, internal players within the popular marketplace OpenSea, and major Web3 players. According to the founder, he was merely a “tool and a reflection” of the larger issues within the industry.

The Nakamapes founder also accused influencers of fueling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among users by hyping up collections, only to dump them later. Some blame marketplaces like OpenSea for allowing scams to thrive as long as they generate revenue.

The founder did not shy away from admitting his role in manipulating the market. He stated, “I have shown you all the flaws of this system.” He also claimed that the majority of platforms and players in the space are only interested in volume, a sentiment echoed in his description of the NFT community as “95%… filled with people who make fun of you every day.”

In a surprising twist, the founder confessed to stealing Nakamonkes’ art, citing their poor marketing as the motivation behind the theft. He sarcastically commended the Nakamonkes project as “A+ Web3.”

As a parting piece of advice, the NFT founder warned users not to become too attached to their NFTs. He stated, “They are ALL manipulating you, just like I did.” Moreover, he emphasized the importance of walking away when faced with two projects claiming to be the real deal. The confession painted a bleak picture of the NFT landscape, with users treated as nothing more than “liquidity exit.”

NFT Founder Claims Their Twitter Account is Compromised: The Mystery Deepens

The situation took an even more dramatic turn when a Twitter user claimed that someone hacked the Nakamapes founder’s account. According to the tweet, the individual behind the recent revelations may not be the actual founder of Nakamapes. This casts doubt on the legitimacy of the explosive confession.

Nakamapes definitely stole the project, but now the NFT founder of that contract is saying someone hacked the Nakamapes twitter, and he is not the one tweeting.

This development adds another layer of intrigue to an already complex story. It raises questions about the true identity of the individual responsible for the controversial tweets. Also, whether they are genuinely revealing the truth about the NFT market or merely sowing discord within the community.

The Nakamapes NFT founder’s confession was bad enough. Now, coupled with the possibility of a compromised Twitter account, has introduced even more uncertainty into the already murky NFT market. As the NFT space continues to grow, the need for transparency and accountability is becoming increasingly apparent.



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