Mutani Brings Phygital Fashion to Metaverse Fashion Week!

As Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MVFW23) gears up to showcase the newest advancements in digital fashion, digital fashion network MUTANI leads the charge. MUTANI aims to showcase the benefits of web3 to the in-real-life (IRL) apparel experience. They do this by actioning high-end hybrid fashion experiments during MVFW23. This is the second edition of the virtual fashion week, and MUTANI plans to embrace the stage with multiple striking displays.

Metaverse Fashion Week ’23: How Mutani Changes The Game

Originally pioneered by Decentraland/UNXD, Mutani now aims to demonstrate interoperability and tangibility of digital items through collaboration with metaverses Spatial and OVER. Below are a few of the innovative products Mutani showcases at MVFW23:

Phygital Speedwear by Stefan Kartchev

As one of the 60+ participating brands and designers in MVFW23, MUTANI will be launching a digi-physical speedwear top in collaboration with designer Stefan Kartchev.

This suit is specially designed for the MVFW23 kick-off event on the 28th of March. The event is hosted by digital luxury experts Exclusible in their tranquil Polycount Oasis in Spatial. The designer speedwear is showcased during the event. Moreover, it is a limited edition digital piece  paired with a physical item. The piece will be available for purchase/mint in the MUTANI store, which is open for a limited two-week time period.

MUTANI is also one of the first digital fashion networks to utilize the latest Shopify x Venly wallet integration to build a bridge for the adoption of web3. All the while breaking the creative boundaries of the digital and physical world.

Translating IRL Fashion Into The Virtual Realm

In collaboration with fractional retail platform House of Web3 (HW3) and designer Shayli Harrison, MUTANI also launches an archival piece into the Decentraland marketplace. The Shayli Harrison piece exhibits the look in the HW3 showroom located in the DCL NEO Plaza.

Antwerp Cyber-Six At Metaverse Fashion Week

There are other additions to the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. Viewers can also check out looks from the recent Antwerp Cyber-Six on display at the MAD Global curated exhibition in Spatial. This exhibition was first launched on digital fashion marketplace Artisant.

This display is seen throughout MVFW23. It is located in the MetaMundo, Meta Estates Villa built by renowned architect Luis Fernandez. Furthermore, viewers can also access an immersive Antwerp Cyber-Six AR experience produced in collaboration with leading Belgian XR studio PlayAR.

They can discover and scan the QR code during the MAD Global exhibition or access the filter directly through the MUTANI Instagram page. Position the filter and watch as the Antwerp Cyber-Six crosses into new dimensions, shattering reality.

MUTANI’s Future Metaverse Plans

In conclusion, MUTANI is going trend-hunting in virtual for the best and worst of avatar attire during the MVFW23 schedule. MUTANI revives the classic “hot or not” critiques from the trash fashion magazines of yesteryear. It will also traverse the metaverse to clock and mock the latest virtual looks.

MVFW23 promises to be an exciting event, showcasing the latest advancements in digital fashion. MUTANI is at the forefront of this movement. The web3 brand uses the event to showcase the benefits of web3. It also breaks creative boundaries in the digital and physical worlds.

From limited edition designer speedwear to immersive AR experiences and trend-hunting in the metaverse, MUTANI is a brand to watch during Metaverse Fashion Week this year.



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