Moonbirds Q1 Update Reveals the Future of the PROOF Ecosystem

PROOF founders Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell just dropped a bombshell Moonbirds Q1 update! Excitingly, they have released a YouTube video detailing the brand’s purpose and future plans. The YouTube video is over an hour long, so let’s dive into it here!

New Digital Renaissance. Image: Moonbirds

What we know about PROOF and Moonbirds

Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell teamed up to build PROOF, and subsequently launch Moonbirds and Oddities. The story begins with Kevin’s Modern Finance podcast, which sparked a deep love for digital art in him. This love led him to create the PROOF podcast and bring on his trusted designer, Justin, to join him on the exciting journey of the “New Digital Renaissance.”

Together, they launched PROOF Collective Pass and saw tremendous success, which helped them grow a tight-knit community of art collectors and web3 enthusiasts. Soon, they launched Moonbirds and Oddities, and teased “Project Highrise.” This gallery venture was eventually scrapped because they wanted art to be the cornerstone of the PROOF, Moonbirds, and Oddities experience. Ultimately, the PROOF team believes that art proves our collective humanity and forms an unbroken chain of our shared human experience.

PROOF created Moonbirds, a 10,000 item NFT collection. Subsequently, they launched Moonbirds in April 2022 and the collection was a success from the start. Notably, Beeple and Jimmy Fallon were among the early holders of the collection. The PROOF collective is exclusive and only available to members. The Moonbirds NFTs also offer entry to this exclusive group, so their success was hardly surprising given the perks of the Proof ecosystem.

Moonbirds is the art collectors PFP
Image: Moonbirds

Join the Digital Renaissance: PROOF’s Purpose and Future

So, what is PROOF’s purpose now? The proof ecosystem now has one simple purpose: to create unique experiences that allow collectors to connect with artists and champion their art. The entire PROOF ecosystem will be connected by this one goal. As part of this effort, the PROOF Collective has transformed into “an art collective supporting the Digital Renaissance.” In 2025, when the Collective Pass expires, pass holders will become “Moonbirds Elders,” or another name of the collective’s choosing. The focus will be on making Moonbirds the ultimate PFP for art collectors. Additionally, the team are introducing Mythics. Mythics will be an extension to the wider Moonbirds community and “builders and citizens of the Digital Renaissance.” Though to be clear, Mythics will not have access to art drops.

To clarify, until January 2025, nothing will change for the PROOF Collective. Therefore, all drops and member benefits will go ahead as promised, with some additional perks for Moonbirds holders. After January 2025, the community will have Moonbird Elders. Excitingly, Moonbirds and Elders will be eligible for exclusive products and experiences, though Elders will get a “boost” on some benefits.

The PROOF team expressed their gratitude to the community for providing them with the opportunity to experiment and reflect over the last few months. They are thrilled to embark on a new phase of discovery, execution, and most importantly, the creation of incredible art!



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