Moonbirds Monaverse Announced at Consensus 2023!

Moonbirds will soon have a new nest to call home– the metaverse! The NFT project is partnering with the 3D-world-building platform Mona to create a digital space for the NFT project. What do we know about the Moonbird collection’s new metaverse?

Moonbirds will soon be able to socialize and network in the metaverse
Image Credit: PROOF

What do we know about the Moonbirds metaverse?

PROOF, the parent company of Moonbirds, and Mona announced the joint effort at the Consensus 2023 conference. The “Moonbirds Monaverse” will be a place for community members to access virtual experiences and socialize. According to the two companies, the goal is to bring people together for town halls, watch parties, and art reveals. By doing so, PROOF hopes to nurture and bring value to its community of nearly 6,500 NFT holders.

Kevin Rose, the co-founder and CEO of PROOF, wrote, “We will continue to provide unique experiences aimed at combining immersive art and technology to our holders. The world Mona has created unlocks a new way for Moonbirds holders to hang out and enjoy digital art together.”

The Moonbirds Monaverse is a PROOF's newest effort to reward holders
Mona is helping PROOF create a digital space for Moonbirds holders
Image Credit: PROOF

What else is new with Moonbirds?

Moonbirds recently shifted to making art for the project’s “North Star”. In the process, PROOF informed holders that Moonbirds are now the “art collectors PFP”. To that point, the team announced the lineup of 22 artists for a new collection created to reward long-term holders.

The lineup includes Beeple, 0xdbg, Tiffatron, Summer Wagner, and Terrell Jones. Holders ranked their top choices for artists and crossed their fingers that they’d get work from their favorites. Unfortunately, PROOF’s difficult year continued.

Some people received a duplicates of the most highly sought-after pieces, leaving less supply to go around for other holders. Many longtime advocates of the project took to Twitter yesterday to express frustration. Some Twitter users went as far as to criticize the project for again disappointing holders and proclaim their intentions to exit the ecosystem altogether.

Will the Moonbirds Monaverse help to put the troubled project back on track?  PROOF certainly hopes it will be a step in the right direction.


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