Mojo Vision; Learn About Mojo Smart Contact Lenses

Mojo vision has become a frequent topic of discussion among people interested in extended reality technologies like VR and AR. The company has made revolutionary breakthroughs in extended reality tech by creating smart contact lenses. These smart lenses are changing how many people approach augmented and extended reality. And you’ll soon discover how you can take part in it.

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About Mojo Vision

Understanding the Mojo Vision Lens goes hand in hand with understanding the company behind it. Mojo Vision is a tech company based in the United States and dedicated to individual empowerment. As part of the Invisible Computing Company, Mojo Vision is creating a wide range of technologies that can essentially reframe how people interact with the world.

Direct connections are one of the foundational elements of Mojo Vision. Most people are constantly distracted by their portable electronics. For example, who hasn’t been distracted by their notifications when pulling their phone out to take pictures? Mojo Vision is working to further technologies that will avoid these pitfalls and help you connect with the world around you.

The Mojo Vision Lens exemplifies that idea by invisibly integrating itself onto your person. The company’s technology experts are leveraging their decades of industry experience to create a future with seamless, information-rich, and invisible technologies.

The Concept of Smart Contact Lenses

Before deep diving into the Mojo Vision Lens, it’s vital to understand the principles of smart contact lenses. When people talk about metaverse-related equipment, they typically conjure up images of a VR headset or augmented reality glasses. But it’s important to remember that extended reality simply depends on a display capable of bridging the digital and offline worlds. And contact lenses are a new way of creating those bridges.

A smart contact lens will typically use a combination of eye tracking, advanced displays, and an eye-position-based user interface. This results in a digital device that’s invisible to the people around you but can provide you with a wide range of advanced capabilities. Smart contact lenses can be used as traditional computing devices. But they’re also used by athletes, people with physical impairments, and anyone working with complex visual tasks. Lenses essentially enhance your visual capabilities.

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Mojo Vision

Features of Mojo Vision Lens

You’ve seen why smart contact lenses are poised to become one of the essential technologies for the future. But part of what makes the Mojo Vision Lenses so special comes from the extras it brings to the discussion. These contacts will be a big part of how augmented reality develops. And to see the technology’s full potential, you need only look at the following features of the Mojo Lens.

Video: Mojo Vision CEO tested a smart contact lens in his eye

The Build, Visual & Audio Specs

Part of what’s made the Mojo Vision Lenses so noteworthy is its high-tech display. When people think of extended or virtual reality, they tend to imagine large headsets. But Mojo Smart Contact Lenses pack a 14,000 pixel-per-inch display into a 0.2″ diameter form factor.

That feat would be impressive in and of itself. But the lenses also use a tiny, low-power ARM M0 processor with a microbattery and integrated power management circuit. It also has a GPU and 5 GHz radio to send and receive data. Mojo has managed to fit electronics into a form comparable to a grain of sand.

The technology is so tiny that the Mojo Lens won’t even interfere with a corrective prescription. The smart contacts can also function as full corrective lenses. This all comes back to one central point. The lenses offer high-tech performance while being effectively invisible to outside observers.

mojo vision build
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Mojo Vision


One of the most common questions about the Mojo Vision Lenses is how you can actually control such small electronic devices. The answer to that question can be deceptively simple. On a surface level, the lenses are just controlled by moving your eye.

It uses eye tracking to pinpoint which elements you want to interact with inside of a large 15° field-of-view. But that field also syncs with your eyes. The display essentially moves with your vision and will constantly note changes to your focus. This vision tracking makes it easy for the lenses to note when using the GUI.

However, the more complex answer is that the contacts work with a relay system of sorts. The contacts use a 5 GHz wireless system to connect with a relay accessory worn by the user. Current models also use a hat with an integrated antenna to provide additional signal amplification.

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Mojo Vision

The Experience

Augmented reality often has a different type of metaverse meaning than virtual reality-centered options. Augmented reality done right is a perfect melding of the digital and offline worlds. But it’s not always easy to find that balance. Many augmented reality solutions bombard users with an overly cluttered worldview.

The Mojo Vision Lenses instead emphasize only providing data that you need at any given moment. For example, it might show directions or your pace while trail running. The lenses are also context-aware, so they know exactly what you need when you’re exercising, at work, or just having fun.

Mojo is itself focused on invisible computing. The company creates technologies that seamlessly blend into the user’s life. You aren’t burdened with unnecessary information. And when people see you, they won’t even notice you’re using the contacts. The lenses empower without distraction.

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Of course, many people are understandably concerned about putting electronics on top of their eyes. But all contact lenses are regulated by the US and EU as medical devices. And this includes the Mojo Vision Lenses. The FDA gave Mojo the green light to perform initial research through the Breakthrough Device Program. Engineers, researchers, and optometrists are all working with the FDA to ensure that safety is the top priority.

The testing procedures have also been tightly designed to ensure that everything remains safe. A strict checklist is used in every test to verify proper controls are in place. For example, the temperature of the battery is monitored to ensure that it doesn’t pose any risks. And the device as a whole can’t even become warm during use. Mojo is also working on the software to ensure safety by considering issues like display size and field of vision.

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Mojo Vision

Mojo Lens Price

The Mojo Vision Lenses are still in a pre-release state. As such, there’s no official price for the contacts yet. But interviews with Mojo Vision suggest that the contacts should have a price roughly equivalent to a high-end smartphone. The company also notes that anyone using standard prescription lenses already spends $500 to $900 on them every year. So $1,500 for two AR-powered contact lenses that also correct your vision is a good deal.

Mojo Lens Release Date

Mojo Vision unveiled the Mojo Vision Lens prototype in March. Like many groundbreaking metaverse brands, people were instantly captivated. But even the metaverse blockchain itself needed time to become a seamless and reliable piece of technology. Before the lens can release or even have a release date, it needs to meet several engineering milestones. Mojo Vision also needs investors, potential partners, and public attention. And, of course, it needs final FDA approval.

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Public Feedback & Opinions

Public opinion is a vital part of any augmented reality project. The fact that smart glasses and similar tech can often look cumbersome has made it a hard sell. Recent advances have created smart glasses that look exactly like standard sunglasses. But the Mojo Vision Lens should be even more discreet.

The lens currently stands out in two ways. It requires a small relay accessory worn around your neck. And the circuitry is visible on the contact lens. Mojo already has plans to rectify visibility through cosmetic irises. But it’s unclear what changes might happen with the receiver.

Some people also have concerns over how comfortable the lenses might be. The Mojo Vision Lens is considerably thicker than a standard contact. But Mojo has stated that they’ll be able to continue shrinking the lens thickness for its development. Most public demands are being met.

The Mojo Vision Lens Is Part of a Larger Universe of Extended Reality Tech

Smart contact lenses are one of the latest breakthroughs in extended reality. But AR and VR have benefitted from fantastic innovations from significant metaverse companies. There’s never been a better time to shop for a VR headset that will let you enter the metaverse.

And the options go far beyond what you might imagine. New types of devices with support for various unique platforms ensure that there’s always something exciting to discover. You can take a look at the larger world of metaverse gear in the article “Metaverse Devices; The Best Gear To Enter the Metaverse.”

The Mojo Vision Lenses offer a different way of looking at the world in both a literal and figurative sense. It’s a new and rapidly developing technology that’s changing the world. And it’s something that you can personally watch happen.

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