Metaverse Clothing Brand DRx Launches Streetwear-Inspired AR Collection

Web3 fashion brand DRx partners with the Walker World blockchain game to unveil “The Kill Team: Stabbi” capsule collection, a fresh new take in metaverse clothing. The latest capsule consists of limited edition digital wearables and physical claims. Available in hyper-minimal quantities, the fashion brand adds their unique touch of style to the interoperable metaverse game!

How DRx Revolutionizes Metaverse Clothing

The ‘Stabbi’ collection is DRx’s first foray into made-to-order apparel and product customization in the metaverse. The limited edition merchandise features standard Kill Team DRx hoodies, t-shirts, and baseball hat, Additionally, the new collection also boasts a highly coveted Kill Team onesie. This rare piece of clothing features intricate embroidery that takes inspiration from the Walker World Females collection.

Buyers get to mint the ‘Kill Team Stabbi’ Capsule Collection on March 2, 2023. The mint window is between March 3rd to March 5th. Each minted capsule includes interoperable digital wearables of the t-shirt, hat, and hoodie. Moreover, the capsule also sends out a “DRx prescription” at the “drug store“, that allows holders to claim a physical apparel version of each item they own. Only one in ten holders receive the special Kill Team onesie!

The collection is only available via the secondary market on OpenSea. Plus, after reveal day, holders of the digital wearables and physical apparel control the market value and rarity.

What Makes This Drop Special?

With the latest capsule, Drug Receipts (DRx) is the first Web3 brand that allows customers to customize their clothing using the metaverse. Moreover, it is the first time that a fashion brand on OpenSea captures sizing information for t-shirts, hoodies, and onesies. Furthermore, eligible customers with a DRx ‘Stabbi’ or Walker World Female Walker trait wearing the Kill Team onesie can also claim an exclusive physical onesie.

After the mint closes, customers can pre-order physical hats, t-shirts, and hoodies featuring the Kill Team Stabbi design. They can further customize and choose between DRx purple, white, or black colorways for their physical items, adding to their shopping experience.

This is one of the ways that we deliver value for our holders. By creating coveted collections that you can only get through mint or pre-order, since we won’t stock it in our online store, we move all of the action to the secondary market. Our holders become our storefronts and they set the market.” says DRx Co-Founder and artist Arlo Eisenberg.

Please note that buyers can only access this limited-edition collection by minting or pre-booking their size.

About Drug Receipts

a photo of a drug receipts hoodie, metaverse clothing will never be the same

The Drug Receipts NFT collection is the brainchild of world renowned pro skater Arlo Eisenberg, and co-founders Brooke Howard-Smith, and Tyler Shields. It features 10,000 unique programmatically generated avatars. The four base characters: Cap, Rex, Syrin, and Tabbi, are extremely popular among NFT collectors, hypebeasts, and fashion heads worldwide.

DRx’s innovative approach to creating personalized clothing collections controlled by customers is revolutionizing the apparel industry. The brand’s marketplace offers a new model for custom-made clothing while creating cultural relevance in the Web3 market.

DRx plans to further collaborate on augmented reality apparel within the Futureverse ecosystem and beyond. This also reinforces the Futureverse mission to keep an open metaverse where diverse creators, companies, and communities can collaborate.



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