Meshack Okeyo Kenyan Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Meshack Okeyo, famously known as MOOD, is a Kenyan illustrator, cartoonist and novice painter born in Oyugis, 1994, raised in Roret, later moved to Kericho but currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya. He drew cars with big wheels and cartoons as a kid. At an early age he would be asked to draw images and maps on the blackboard by teachers. Growing up, he would channel his frustrations and anger on his art, which were then characterized by drawings of scary, gothic characters, distorted human figures, broken bleeding hearts with needle piercings, tear drops, writings of curses and blood drips and spills.

Meshack uses pens for his works before digitally illustrating them. His advertising work is more minimalistic but with art… he unapologetically explores his imaginations. Depending on the subject matter, his art style revolve around the appearance of cartoons, optical illusions, sexy nude women, scrolls, open doors leading to dark ends, staircases and vibrant blend of colors. For MOOD, art is the most honest way of self-expression, and that, is liberation!

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