Meebits, WarpSound Team Up To Launch NFT Music Album For Holders

The Meebits Album is out and coming to a wallet near you. “Meebits Turn On” is a 22-song album that was made in collaboration with WarpSound and as an extension of the Meebits experience. Holders will be able to mint the playable album for free until December 31st. Non-holders can listen to the album on Streaming Services.

The Meebits Album includes 22 songs that holders can own on-chain. Credit: Larva Labs.

What Is The Meebits Album?

The “Meebits Turn On” album is a special release for music and Meebits fans. With 22 songs in total, listeners will have minutes of repeatable content. Additionally, holders will be able to mint the music as a “playable album.” This album will work in HTML-based browsers. Moreover, holders can freely use the songs in their individual creations, with credit.

Four cartoon characters called Meebits stand side by side in front of a blue background.
Yuga Labs and WarpSound teamed up to release the album. Credit: Larva Labs.

Who Is The Team Behind The Project?

There are two teams behind the new album: WarpSound and YugaLabs. WarpSound is an AI-backed collective that creates interactive digital experiences. Yuga Labs, on the other hand, is the brand behind Meebits and other favorite projects. Together, they have created a unique experience with the album.

A group of cartoon characters called Meebits stand in rows in front of a dark blue background.
Yuga Labs continues to innovate with the Meebits project. Credit: Larva Labs.

What’s Next For Yuga Labs And Meebits?

The album is only the beginning for Meebits, as Yuga Labs is supporting the project to be an expansive brand. This is apparent from the recently released MB1 roadmap, for which there will be nine further releases. Meebits may have started as a PFP project, but it’s clear the team at Yuga wants them to be so much more.



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