Meebits Present A New ‘Activation Website’ and Physical Prints

Yuga Labs’ Meebits has announced a special “Activation Website” to enhance project utility and experience. The website is “a launchpad for each new experience, activation, or opportunity”, according to Meebits. Furthermore, the project has also announced an exclusive 1-of-1 print for each Meebit. Read on to learn more about the exciting developments surrounding the new project!

It’s Party Time at MB1!

What Is The New Meebits Activation Website?

On their latest press release, Meebits NFT stated that they felt their full-body 3D characters were stagnating over time as a one-dimensional project. The new activation, currently titled MB1, represents a new beginning for the Meebits story. The new website aims to foster community growth, connection, and opportunity with exclusive experiences. They have also stated that there will be 9 releases to the MB1 project.

a screenshot from the new Meebits website
What Does That “On” Button Do?

The first thing you see as soon as you enter the website is a large OFF/ON switch. As soon as users click on the ON button, the Meebit springs to life in a custom avatar. The first experience allows users to play with their digital characters by having them vibe to AI generated music on a digital boombox. The music is powered by WarpSound, an interactive, AI-powered collective started by virtual artists Nayomi, DJ Dragoon, Gnar Heart and GLiTCH.

The project also announced physical 1-of-1 prints for every holder. Each of these prints also come with a certificate of authenticity. The order window is open until November 15th. Once closed, the prints will begin shipping in the following 3-6 weeks. If collectors plan to buy the NFTs during this two-week window, they can check the claim checker on the website to see if the print was already ordered for that particular Meebit.

About The Project

Meebits are a 3D Voxel NFT project by Larva Labs (now a part of Yuga Labs). 20,000 Meebits exist on the Ethereum blockchain and are inspired by Minecraft characters. The wide variety of traits for each character makes every NFT a truly one-of-a-kind digital collectible. As of August 15, 2022, all Meebit NFTs have commercial rights. This means collectors can use the brands IPs to create their own brands and bring their ideas to life.

Meebits are also playable characters in the Sandbox metaverse, with more metaverse integrations announcing soon. This also means that Meebits will be soon playable on the Otherside metaverse.



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