Meebits Get a Mood Makeover for Second Birthday

Meebits celebrate the NFT project’s second birthday with a mood makeover for their unique PFPs. This exciting launch brings Yuga Labs’ voxels to life with various moods, such as HYPE, DAZED, and SPICY. Therefore, users can express their personality in the Metaverse better than ever, all stored on the blockchain and shareable on marketplaces!

Meebits’ latest upgrade allows users to customize their voxels by creating moods available via web3 marketplaces too!

How Does the Mood Makeover Upgrade Work?

This week, Yuga Labs’ iconic NFT project entered a new era of its roadmap: Meebits 1.2. Holders can now animate their characters by personalizing them with moods as a main upgrade. There are many moods to choose from, including SHY, HYPE, also HEATED, and more; the sky is the limit!

The best part? You can save your favorite mood using a dedicated app and show it off on marketplaces for HTML-enabled viewers!

“With Living PFPs, holders can now choose a mood for their Meebit that will be reflected on marketplaces with HTML-viewers, like OpenSea,” said Meebits’ Brand Lead, Danny Greene. “This form of self-expression is an exciting step forward for NFTs.”

image of Meebits NFT characters
Thanks to their Moods upgrade, the voxels now come to life in the Metaverse for all holders!

What is Meebits?

In short, Meebits are 3D NFT characters, or voxels, living on Ethereum. The term ‘voxels’ means ‘pixels with volume,’ which resemble iconic games such as Minecraft.

As an NFT holder, you can use your Meebits avatar in the Metaverse and even in web3 games.


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