McDonald’s Will Celebrate Lunar New Year In The Metaverse!

Welcome to the McDonald’s Lunar New Year metaverse! This year, McDonald’s celebrates the new year differently with an immersive digital world. Karen X Cheng, a digital storyteller, and entrepreneur, is partnering with McDonald’s to create exciting experiences that inspire and entertain.


This year, McDonald’s released a series of metaverse experiences, designed to bring the Lunar New Year to life for everyone. Through virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D animation, users can explore a variety of activities. From classic Chinese games like Weiqi and Mahjong, to VR zoos, to cooking competitions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

McDonald’s also designed a customizable 3D avatar for each user to explore the world with their individualized avatar. Furthermore, users can use the in-app messenger to send messages and share photos with their friends. Hop into the McDonald’s metaverse on the official website right now!

McDonald's metaverse experiences include an AR filter, an interactive online metaverse and a commercial built with AI.
McDonald’s metaverse experiences include an AR Instagram filter and an interactive online metaverse space.
Image Credit: Mc Lunar New Year

Who is Karen X Cheng?

Karen X Cheng is a digital storyteller and entrepreneur. She has worked on projects in many different industries, from media to technology. She is also the founder of Karen X Inc., a company that focuses on creating interactive experiences.

In partnering with McDonald’s, Karen X Cheng is helping create a metaverse experience that celebrates Lunar New Year in a unique and fun way. She certainly hopes to give people more ways to connect with friends and family during the holiday season and correspondingly create lasting memories through the McDonald’s digital world.

The McDonald’s Lunar New Year Metaverse Experience is undeniably an innovative way to celebrate the holiday season. Having brands like McDonald’s creating this type of experience excites the community for the potential of the metaverse industry. Moreover having the help of Karen X Cheng and her digital storytelling skills, McDonald’s is ushering the Lunar New Year in a very special manner. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to connect with friends and family, or just looking for a unique experience, McDonald’s Metaverse Experiences for the Lunar New Year have something for everyone!



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