Manchester United’s Official NFT Collection Is Now Live On Tezos

Manchester United NFTs are officially live on Tezos. Moreover, the first collection is a gift to fans, meaning that this is a free mint! Additionally, this collectible is the key to future Manchester United virtual experiences. It will grant exclusive access to players, content, and more.

Manchester United’s first drop is a gift to fans. Credit: Manchester United.

What Manchester United NFTs Are Available?

The NFTs are a set of keys that will unlock forthcoming Manchester United experiences. Firstly, the Classic Key allows fans to enter giveaways, participate in drops, and grants access to secret channels on the community’s Discord. The Rare Key comes with the same benefits and better giveaways, discounts, and conversations with celebrity players. Finally, the Ultra Rare Key has the same benefits and an invite to Old Trafford stadium for the full Manchester United experience.

The images of three soccer players is superimposed on a red background.
The NFTs hold the keys to future Manchester United drops. Credit: Manchester United.

What Is The Roadmap For The NFTs?

The timeline started with registration and the second phase is already underway. Fans can claim the first collectible as a free NFT gift and join the Club’s Discord channel. Additionally, future drops will be available. However, fans will have to pay to participate in the future. Therefore, this free mint offers a rare chance to be part of the Manchester United virtual community without having to pay for it.

A soccer player throws a ball in the air for Manchester United.
Manchester United wants to build a virtual community. Credit: Prolific North.

Manchester United Goes Virtual?

Manchester United is on a mission to build football’s biggest virtual community. With these Manchester United NFTs being released on Tezos, the club is building the foundation for something that will wow fans for a long time to come. The chance to be part of the action with exclusive drops and player interactions is promising. So, for any football fan, this is an obvious collectible to pick up.



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