Magic Eden Simplifies Bitcoin NFT Creation with Creator Launchpad

Magic Eden has unveiled a new creator launchpad to help creators inscribe their Bitcoin-based NFT collections for Ordinals. With the new platform, creators will be able to create tokens on the Bitcoin network without needing to worry about the technical details of Taproot and inscriptions. Ultimately, the move is part of Magic Eden’s efforts to make NFTs more accessible to everyone. Let’s dive in!

Creating and Selling NFTs Made Easy with the new Creator Launchpad. Image: Magic Eden


The NFT Marketplace Everyone’s Talking About

Firstly, let’s take a look at Magic Eden. Essentially, the popular NFT marketplace provides a platform for creators to create and sell various types of NFTs. These include digital collectibles and gaming assets, all with minimal fees. Ultimately, it has gained a reputation for being a community-driven platform that supports various NFT projects, allowing users to discover new and exciting NFTs to add to their collections.

Since its launch, Magic Eden has grown in popularity. Investors and collectors see it as one of the most vibrant and dynamic marketplaces in the NFT space. It has attracted big-name investors such as Alameda Research and Jump Trading, who recognized its potential to become a big player in the NFT market.

Magic Eden began as one of the go-to marketplaces for buying and selling Solana NFTs. However, its popularity has grown way beyond that. The decentralized marketplace has already expanded its offerings to include Ethereum-based NFTs and Bitcoin NFTs, making it a top destination for NFT enthusiasts.

Magic Eden’s previous expansions helped the platform attract even more attention from NFT collectors and creators. By offering a marketplace for all, and now with their creator launchpad, Magic Eden is a one-stop-shop for NFT enthusiasts.

Godjira and Magic Eden Partner to Release Bitcoin-based (Dead)jira NFT Collection. Image: DeadJira
Godjira to Release Bitcoin-based (Dead)jira NFT Collection. Image: DeadJira

Magic Eden’s Expansion to Ordinals

Magic Eden has launched a creator launchpad for Ordinals, making it easier for creators to inscribe their Bitcoin-based NFT collections. Significantly, the new feature is aimed at helping creators in inscribing their NFT collections and promoting the growth of a larger market on Bitcoin.

Moreover, the platform has partnered with NFT collection, Godjira, to release its (dead)jira Bitcoin-based collection on April 7th. Lazy Lions, Humanoids, and rapper Lil Durk are also set to mint Bitcoin inscriptions on the new platform within the next week.

The popularity of Ordinals has surged since January. Markedly, Magic Eden seeks to meet the needs of the growing community. In addition to expanding its offerings outside of Solana, they have launched a Bitcoin NFT marketplace. This enables collectors to buy Ordinals on the secondary market, with support for two Bitcoin wallets integrated.

Furthermore, the platform has begun a Web3 gaming collective. This aims to bring together leading blockchain-based game funds and publishers to foster mass growth in the space. Earlier in March, Magic Eden kicked off “Mint Madness,” letting users mint free NFTs for over a dozen Web3 games.



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