Magic Eden Blames Image Provider For Shocking “Unsavory Images”

Magic Eden, Solana’s biggest non-fungible token marketplace, used improper images for some NFTs. These images included pornographic content along with stills from the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Further, according to the marketplace, the “unsavory images” were a result of a compromised third-party image caching service.

Magic Eden users noticed that certain NFTs in Solana collections displayed incorrect images.

Magic Eden’s “Unsavory Images” Explained

On January 3, the marketplace was displaying incorrect images instead of NFT artworkUnfortunately, this was the case for many Solana NFT collections, not just one. Further, the users brought their concerns to Twitter and questioned all that was going on. As expected, Magic Eden quickly responded through a Twitter post, reassuring that all the NFTs were safe.

“Hey guys our image provider, a 3rd party service we use to cache images, was compromised.” Magic Eden tweeted. “Your NFTs are safe and Magic Eden has not been hacked. Unfortunately you might’ve seen some um, unsavory images. Make sure you do a hard refresh on your browser to fix it.”

Several members of the Solana community responded to the tweet with even more examples of unsavory images. The marketplace has now resolved the issue. However, another issue emerged.

The Recent Exploit

An exploit was discovered today on Magic Eden, allowing unverified NFTs to be listed and sold as verified NFTs. Magic Eden stated on Twitter that they have “added more verification layers per collection to resolve the issue,” but the exploit still remained active. Fast forward three hours later, and they resolved the issue, although many Magic Eden users are unhappy. So, this is not a great start to 2023 for this NFT marketplace!



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