Ledger x Deadfellaz Collaboration Unveils Limited Edition Nano X and More!

Ledger, a leader in secure and reliable crypto hardware wallets, has announced a new chapter in their ongoing collaboration with Deadfellaz. This brand creates unique streetwear with a dark twist.

Ledger x Deadfellaz Collaboration Unveils Limited Edition Nano X and More! Credit: Ledger

Introducing the Collaboration and the Deadfellaz Ledger Nano X

They aim to release a limited edition Deadfellaz Ledger Nano X. The collaboration has been ongoing since late 2022, and the release of the Nano X is just the beginning. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the details of this exciting collaboration and what’s next for Ledger x Deadfellaz.

The Deadfellaz Ledger Nano X features iconography from the collection and comes with beautiful transparent green hardware. Market pass holders received an INFECTED S2 airdrop, created by the talented Killer Acid, and there was also a raffle with one Deadfellaz and 13 Deadfrenz as prizes. Almost 2,000 people minted the custom Ledger Nano X redemption token, giving them the opportunity to claim their own Deadfellaz Ledger Nano X.

The Next Steps in the Collaboration

The next step in the collaboration is the opening of the Ledger x Deadfellaz redemption shop on Monday, April 24th. Those who missed out on the initial token minting will still be able to purchase the necessary token on the secondary market to redeem their DFZ Ledger. Additionally, there will be a Ledger x Deadfellaz Quest launching soon, allowing participants to earn a PoK (proof of knowledge) NFT, improve their Web3 knowledge, and gain access to a Deadfellaz Metaverse item.

The PoK NFT earned from the Quest will come with future perks, which is an exciting opportunity for participants. Eligibility for the Quest is open to all Deadfellaz, Deadfrenz, Redemption token, and Proof of Purchase token holders. More information on the Quest will be made available in the coming week.

Fellaz Friday Twitter Spaces and Insights into the Collaboration

In addition to the Nano X and the Quest, there was also a Fellaz Friday Twitter Spaces event. They discussed the collaboration in detail, providing insights into the creation of the Deadfellaz Ledger Nano X and what’s next for the partnership.

Ledger Nano S Plus
The newly launched Ledger Nano S Plus. Credit: Ledger

The Ledger x Deadfellaz collaboration has been a huge success, with the limited edition Nano X being in high demand. The collaboration has allowed for blending technology and fashion, with the wallet provider providing the secure hardware and Deadfellaz providing the unique designs. The partnership is expected to continue, bringing even more exciting opportunities for the crypto and fashion communities.



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