Ledger Connect: Meet The Web3 Browser Extension of the Future

Starting in early 2023, ledger customers will be able to use their hardware wallets to connect with Web3 apps via a new browser extension called Ledger Connect, with better user experience and security for NFT holders across the metaverse. 

Ledger Connect is coming in 2023

Ledger Announces Its Debut Browser Extension: Connect

The software has been designed specifically for use with Nano X and Stax hardware wallets and will greatly improve every NFT trader’s user experience. Speaking with a Ledger Connect developer at Ledger Op3n yesterday, we heard about how central NFTs have been to the process behind this new extension.

According to them, “NFTs were always on Ledger’s mind when developing Connect.”

While web-extension wallets aren’t new, Connect will be at the forefront of improving user experience for NFT fans everywhere in the crypto and Web3 space. Of course, Ledger are also bringing their impressive security credentials into the mix. Plus, there’ll also be some exciting innovations in clear signing and its use of Ledger’s API to run checks on the products you buy. This all means a lot more peace of mind when you’re buying and trading NFTs. 

So, how does Ledger Connect work for purchasing NFTs?

The extension connects to your Ledger device via Bluetooth. This means you can only use it if you have your hardware wallet with you. What’s more, Connect runs in the background whilst you browse your favourite Web3 sites and apps. 

When you want to purchase an NFT, the Connect window will pop up and show you what you’re about to purchase. Ledger’s API run its checks on the product. In turn, users have greater certainty on what they are buying and for how much. Not only that, users can choose which device and account will make the purchase, plus which wallet to store it in later.

If that all seems above board, you sign the smart contract and purchase your brand new NFT. The contract will then appear on your Ledger device, ensuring that a trusted screen is showing exactly what you’re signing. As before, the signature will be made with the buttons on your Ledger, giving you complete security against malware. 

The Future For Ledger’s First Browser Extension

Ledger also unveiled its plans for clear signing mechanisms for smart contracts.  Rather than signing a bunch of code, Ledger Connect will simplify the raw data. This will show you exactly what it is your signing in a clear way.  These innovations are exactly the reason Ledger continues to solidify its role in crypto and NFT security.

Ledger Live allows you to view your NFTs immediately and store them securely in your cold wallet too. 

Ledger Connect will launch on Safari in the first quarter of 2023, with an extension for Chrome users following shortly after.



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