Justin Aversano To Drop “Colin in the Car” NFT Collection

‘Twin Flames’ creator and NFT photography innovator Justin Aversano is all set to launch his latest photography NFT collection, “Colin in the Car.” The prized collection is to go live on, you guessed it, the Bitcoin network. With the rise of BTC digital collectibles, huge entrants to the BTC NFT space may become a defining characteristic in a new era of digital artifacts on the #1 blockchain.

Photos by Justin Aversano, from his highly successful ‘Twin Flames’ NFT project

What Is Justin Aversano’s “Colin In The Car” NFT Project?

With Bitcoin NFTs making a positive comeback and multiple NFT projects from other blockchains hinting a crossover to the network, Justin Aversano is charging ahead with his latest “Colin In The Car” project. This project is quite literally the first ever photography NFT collection on Bitcoin. Aversano also states that “Colin In The Car” is a tribute to his early days as a street photographer.

Justin Aversano announced the launch of his project on Twitter. He stated that this project will be the ONLY collection of his available on Bitcoin. Other projects are to be launched across other networks. The photography project is highly sought after, especially after the Ordinals/Bitcoin NFT hype. The mint price for each one of these pieces is 0.2 BTC, or roughly $4,300.

Holders of Aversano’s previous “Twin Flame” and other NFT projects may head to his official “Colin in the Car” Discord to apply for allowlist!

About Justin Aversano

Justin Aversano is a Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Art, a platform focused on curating digital culture through NFTs. With over 8,100 ETH in sales, its easy to say he is a mega whale in the NFT photography world. But the complete story is deeper than that. Losing his twin sister at birth, he embarked on a path-breaking photography journey. This led to his massively successful “Twin Flames” NFT project. On November 2021, one of his Twin Flames (#49) sold 888 ETH ($3.7 million at the time).

Justin’s explorations into the blockchain are an inspiration for budding photographers and NFT photography projects. His first foray into Bitcoin BTC is sure to be historic, setting the bar high for all future NFT photographers to come. Through his special street photography style, Justin Aversano also built a standard and name on the blockchain.



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