Join the race: NASCAR takes on Roblox

NASCAR launches a new experience on Roblox called the “NASCAR Speed Hub”. This immersive experience is in partnership with metaverse studio Dubit. It allows players to design cars, access exclusive virtual items, play mini games, and connect with other popular experiences on the platform. Let’s learn more about this interesting partnership and how you can take part!

What Is The NASCAR Speed Hub On Roblox?

The NASCAR Speed Hub builds on a successful collaboration with Jailbreak developers Badimo. The hub is now available to millions of players around the world. In the NASCAR Speed Hub, players enjoy a 3D environment that is both social and educational. The NASCAR official event runs on Roblox from March 10th – 19th!

They customize cars, unlock virtual items, and learn about NASCAR Racing in a fun and creative way. The hub also includes a time trial that allows players to earn currency and upgrade their cars. Upgrades are crucial to competing for bragging rights on the global leaderboard.

This is the next step in expanding NASCAR’s presence in the metaverse and engaging with the community in unique and creative ways.” says Nick Rend, NASCAR Managing Director (Gaming & Esports). “At NASCAR we want to encourage the emerging generation of digital natives to manifest their passion for NASCAR racing their own way. NASCAR Speed Hub on Roblox is an exciting new space that lets players create and evolve their NASCAR story on their terms.

The hub also includes a mini game called ‘Quest for Diamonds’. This game pays tribute to NASCAR’s 75th Anniversary. It contains “NASCAR 75” diamonds spread throughout partner games. These are accessed through the hub. Players who complete a time trial in the NASCAR Speed Hub can earn a limited time NASCAR-themed 75th anniversary skin as part of a new vehicle launch.

Future Plans For The Game

The NASCAR Speed Hub is just the beginning, as it eventually plans to feature additional user-generated and official content. The partnership with Badimo and Dubit has allowed NASCAR to create a unique and engaging experience for Roblox users.

The mini game, ‘Quest for Diamonds’, adds an extra level of excitement. Meanwhile, the limited time NASCAR-themed 75th anniversary skin is a great incentive for players to complete the time trial. Moreover, as the hub continues to evolve with additional content, NASCAR and its partners are sure to attract even more users to the platform.

We are thrilled to bring the excitement of NASCAR to the Roblox platform in a unique way, involving the phenomenal community of builders.” says Andrew Douthwaite, Dubit chief commercial officer. “Roblox has a vibrant platform of designers and players, and when it came time to launch a persistent space, it was important for NASCAR to also include creators.

In summary, the NASCAR Speed Hub is also an exciting addition to the Roblox platform. The move offers a mix of fun, social experiences and educational content. Players can design their own cars, unlock exclusive virtual items, and compete for a spot on the global leaderboard.




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