Join the Parcel Creatorverse Buildathon

Virtual real estate marketplace, creator directory, and metaverse education platform, Parcel has thrown down the challenge to the Decentraland creator community with its first-ever builder competition.

There are two building streams to work in:

  • Meeting Space (market square, town hall, headquarters, etc.)
  • Music Venue (concert hall, festival stage, music club, etc.)

And you have four parcels (2×2) in which to bring your creation to life.

Winners and runners-up in each category will receive a mix of $MANA, $USDC and $MOCA tokens. There’ll also be honorable mentions and POAPs, as well as Creatorverse badges, for all entrants.

How do I get involved?

You can enter either individually or in a team of up to three people. All submissions must include a zip file containing all content from your DCL scene. Find all of the details you need here, or get started by setting up a Parcel Creatorverse account.

What’s Creatorverse?

Creatorverse is Parcel’s directory of creators who work in the metaverse. Architects, designers, game developers, wearables creators, and others can add their story, work samples, and the tools they use to the directory. Creatorverse, which is still in beta, will allow brands, organizations, and worlds to post work and find creators for projects. It’s an initiative aimed at building the metaverse – and best of all, it’s free to join.

How will submissions be judged?

There are three main criteria that the judges – chosen from across the metaverse – will use to assess submissions:

  • Execution (4pts) – how well have you brought your intended creation to life?
  • Creativity (3pts) – to what degree does it blow the judges’ minds?
  • Interactivity (3pts) – does it have a ton of cool bells and whistles? *Submissions don’t actually need bells and whistles

To get started, head to the official Creatorverse Buildathon website or join Parcel’s Discord.

Happy BUIDLing!

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