Jan Gossaert | A Netherlandish Renaissance Painter


About the Artist

Jan Gossart (1487-1532) was also known as Jan Gossaert or Jan Mabuse. He was a Netherlandish painter and he was famous and noted for introducing the styes if Italian Renaissance into the Low Counturies. 

His early works namely Jesus, the Virgin, and the Baptist were a reflection of his interest and influence of the art works of Albercht Durer and Jan Van Eyck. One of his early noted work is “Agony in the Garden”. Later in his life Jan Gossaert was impressed of the art of the High Renaissance. Later in his life he continued to make paintings and art works showcasing Italian art style. His subsequent works such as the Neptune and Amphitrite (1516) and the Hercules and Deianira (1517).

During his lifetime, Jan maintained the careful observation and used lapidary technique which was traditional in Netherlandish art. 

Jan Gossart was a well known portrait painter. His portraits namely Charles de Bourgogne, Eleanor of Austria (c. 1525), and Jean Carondelet (1517) are quite notable for the expression of hands and psychological perception. 

Jan Gossaert | A Netherlandish Renaissance painter

His noted art works

Jan Gossaert | A Netherlandish Renaissance painter
Jan Gossaert | A Netherlandish Renaissance painter

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