Is blockchain the evolution of cloud for businesses?

In the third episode of our new season of Web3 Innovators, our host Conor Svensson is joined by Joshua Lory, Head of Blockchain GTM at VMware, a multi-cloud service for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.


He is also the host of the 48 Hours to Lead Podcast.



Episode highlights:

  • What initially attracted Joshua to Bitcoin
  • The plugability of Bitcoin and what this means for businesses
  • VMware’s mission and how Joshua became involved with the company
  • Where Joshua believes cloud could grow to despite –  being a relatively new technology
  • The scepticism surrounding enterprise blockchain  
  • Organisations that are building assurance applications on blockchain as a service and the solutions they are using
  • How Financial Services and capital markets are building a new digital asset exchange
  • The experiment that the Bank of Israel ran for their CBDC on VMware blockchain for Ethereum and what this could mean for the future of money
  • Joshua’s advice for anyone on the fence about the potential of blockchain technology
  • The company’s current blockchain focus
  • How Joshua believes this technology will have been adopted and developed in 10 years time


Key Takeaways:

Bitcoin improves on the gold standard and it really is gold 2.0 in many senses. – Joshua

Businesses in days can plug into something like the Lightning Network without doing any application, replatforming engineering, and have essentially instant free transactions, peer-to-peer transactions. – Joshua

That is still the mission; bringing this technology to the forefront of big businesses so that they can transform. – Joshua

Within financial services, it’s more about new products and services and transforming the market, which means there’s more budget behind these projects, that’s higher priority. I think you’ll see this contagion happen across all industries once financial services really figures it out. – Joshua

If you just look at cloud in its essence, it helps organisations focus on their core competency instead of building data centres and infrastructure to move more quickly and launch new products and services. And so if you layer blockchain on top of cloud, this has very similar effects. – Joshua

Economic energy will be running on blockchain rails, I believe that’s a certain. – Joshua

So that’s what I would say to users is go back in the history books, look at all these huge technology shifts, and then look at blockchain with a fresh set of eyes. – Joshua

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