Introducing Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition

PROOF proudly presents Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition, a grand showcase of 10,000 pieces of digital art from 22 esteemed artists, including the world-renowned Beeple. This spectacular collection goes live on April 27th and is designed to celebrate the most loyal Moonbirds holders who have achieved the prestigious “Diamond Nest” status.

Moonbirds is hosting a special event for Web3 artists. Credit:

A Stellar Lineup of Artists and Exclusive Experiences

The Diamond Exhibition boasts a diverse range of art, from editions and series to generative art, crafted by talented artists such as Beeple, Dirty Robot, Gossamer Rozen, Justin Mezzell, Linda Dounia, Mindz.eye, 0xdgb, Summer Wagner, Terrell Jones, and tiffatron. The 12 generative artists participating in the event will be announced on April 14th.

In addition to the digital art drop, PROOF has arranged two exclusive real-life experiences for art enthusiasts:

  • Beeple LIVE Everyday NFT.NYC Party on April 13th: Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with fellow Moonbirds members, witness the creation of a Beeple Everydays piece for the Diamond Exhibition, and meet the legendary artist in person.
  • Early Summer Gallery: A physical gallery featuring the works of the 22 artists participating in the Exhibition, offering a chance to admire the art up close and engage with the creative minds behind the masterpieces.
Five thousand photographs are brought together in an NFT collage.
During the event, Moonbirds will take time to celebrate the Web3 arts community. Credit: Beeple.

Celebrating Art and Community

Kevin Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of PROOF, emphasizes the importance of art as a reflection of our collective humanity. In fact, Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition exemplifies this belief, rewarding the loyalty of the Moonbirds community and highlighting artists whose art, perspectives, and stories inspire awe. The event is a unique opportunity for digital art collectors to connect over their shared passion for art, creativity, and innovation.

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The artist Terrell Jones sits on stage during a panel, wearing a black cap and white shirt.
There are 22 artists, with big names like Beeple and Terrell Jones. Credit: The Monty Report.

Meet the Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition Artists

PROOF will announce the generative artists on April 14th, but for now, let’s meet some of the artists participating in the editions and series segment of the Exhibition:

  • Beeple: A trailblazing motion artist and graphic designer who made history when his piece “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million at a Christie’s Auction in 2021.
  • Dirty Robot (Daniel Isles): A UK-born illustrator based in Japan, whose work portrays the future of culture through characters influenced by comics, streetwear design, and Kung-fu movies.
  • Gossamer Rozen: A non-binary, femme, transgender, Filipino, and African American fine artist and tattooer exploring various media since 2008.
  • Justin Mezzell: Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of PROOF, as well as the artist behind Moonbirds. Mezzell is passionate about storytelling and the potential of Web3 to empower artists to create independently.
  • Linda Dounia: An artist, designer, and curator whose practice delves into the relationship between the immaterial and the material to examine techno-capitalism.
  • Mindz.eye (Michael Sidofsky): A professional travel photographer, artist, and teacher who uses advanced post-production techniques to create an emotional connection with his audience.
  • 0xdgb: An anonymous digital artist with a minimalist approach, capturing the subtle beauty of everyday life through art and storytelling.
  • Summer Wagner: A photographer who explores the spiritual and psychological aspects of everyday life, creating surreal dreamscapes in her work.
  • Terrell Jones: A Michigan-based artist known for his distinctive “Pop Precisionism” style, which combines elements of film, nostalgia, fashion, and introspection. His illustrations often feature pop culture references, such as cars, sneakers, and watches, showcasing his unique artistic vision.
  • tiffatron: An Australian artist creating digital art focused on identity, emotion, and imagined realities, skillfully building texture layers with her digital pen.



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