InfiniGods Takes Tower Defense Gaming to the Next Level with Immortal Siege!

InfiniGods has just unveiled Immortal Siege! It’s a strategy-driven tower defense game that utilizes blockchain technology. Significantly, the game allows players to fight off monsters with the help of gods and heroes as they defend their portals. Let’s dive in!

Immortal Siege: Combining Tower Defense Challenges with Blockchain Technology

InfiniGods: Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming with Immortal Siege

Firstly, let’s take a look at InfiniGods. Significantly, it is an innovative Web3 gaming studio led by social and mobile industry veterans. The company launched last year with $9 million in seed funding from Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures, and Animoca Brands. Ultimately, InfiniGods’ mission is to make Web3 gaming accessible and enjoyable for everyone. They also aim to give players the opportunity to own their in-game assets and boost the player-owned economy. InfiniGods’ first game, InfiniMerge, launched in January 2023. Markedly, Immortal Siege is the second game from the company.

So, how exactly do we play? Well, Immortal Siege is a new way to play for dedicated PC gamers who enjoy competitive gameplay. It features card deck-building elements that are used to harvest resources and protect an ancient monument while defending against enemy onslaughts. Additionally, players use cards to strategically place and upgrade towers, attack enemies and generate coins. All of which can be augmented by the player’s owned digital collectibles.

Co-Founder and CRO of InfiniGods, Owen O’Donoghue, says that the game is a perfect match for tower defense game fans. The game includes the challenge of building and tackling difficult levels to unlock upgrades and progress through the game. Immortal Siege combines these elements while leveraging blockchain technology to allow players ownership and investment as they buy, sell, and trade towers as digital collectibles.

Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain

Founded in 2022, InfiniGods is a blockchain gaming studio focused on creating fun, free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations. The company aims to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology by easing the barrier to entry for casual gamers and creating an ecosystem where owned assets are interoperable across its suite of games. InfiniGods allows players to win valuable gameplay rewards, like power-ups and boosts, simply by participating and leveling up, and the scarcity of digital collectibles shapes gameplay by enabling unique actions and rewards.



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