Hunter Biden, The US President’s Son Is Criticized For Shilling His NFTs

In an already note-worthy appearance, Hunter Biden sat down with crypto’s beloved Mario Nawfal of The Crypto Roundtable. What initially started off as a conversation about Biden’s life as an artist veered into a discussion on mental health and his interests in the digital space. Biden topped off the call by refusing to answer a question on whether or not he’d offer his art as an NFT.

Hunter Biden and Mario Nawfal had an awkward exchange on The Crypto Roundtable. Image Credit: CNN.

Hunter Biden NFTs?

For the past few years, Hunter Biden has devoted himself to his art. As he says, “Not until recently have I been able to devote the entirety of my day to art.” In fact, Biden sees his art as a form of meditation that aids in his therapy.

He enjoys creating digital art and expressed his interest in NFTs. However, when Biden was asked whether he has sold any of his artwork as an NFT, his connection conveniently “disconnected.”

Mario Nawfal is seen sitting in a black suit jacket with a white shirt.
Mario Nawfal described the encounter as “F****** stressful.” Image Credit: TechBullion.

What Happened on The Crypto Roundtable?

Mario Nawfal, the host of The Crypto Roundtable, later described the interview as “F****** stressful.” Apparently, there were conversations Nawfal wanted to have but couldn’t. The selection of topics occurred before the call, and politics were out of the question. Nawfal said “he had his hands tied” when interviewing the U.S. President’s son.

“’It was a bit difficult for us because we had questions we could ask him [and] couldn’t ask,’ Nawfal said. ‘Behind the scenes that was tough… There was a lot of requirements we had to meet.”


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