How to Use Metamask: A Beginner’s Guide-Nftically

MetaMask might be something that interests everyone regardless of whether they are Blockchain enthusiasts or explorers. So what exactly is MetaMask? The MetaMask browser plugin or extension offers secure access to Ethereum-enabled apps within your browser. Users can install MetaMask on their browser which will work as an extension. The MetaMask wallet can be used to hold ERC-20 tokens, which give users access to services from Ethereum.

Users like MetaMask’s minimalistic design and its simple yet elegant user interface. The wallet can be set up even by beginners without any problems. Having massive new investors on board is also not a problem since our installation procedure is fast. It is not just a wallet anymore because MetaMask is more than that. Last year, the wallet also bagged a partnership. With two of the major crypto companies to direct crypto purchases through Coinbase and ShapeShift. We don’t know what else to suggest if all of these features don’t scream adoption. MetaMask is the best that’s available at the moment, especially for developers.

Use of Metamask

The MetaMask extension, which offers the ability to store your Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, is one of the most popular browser extensions available for encryption. Ethereum’s blockchain can be read and interacted with via this extension, which is free and secure.

1. Install MetaMask on your browser.

Install the extension first before creating a new wallet. To find it, you may have to select a different marketplace depending on your browser. There is MetaMask on most browser stores. Therefore it isn’t tricky to find, but in any case, here are Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

2. Create an account.

It takes less than a minute once you open the site to create a MetaMask account. With that, the Ethereum wallet address will activate. Now to start your journey, you must deposit funds into your account. If you want more information, proceed to the next step below.

3. Depositing funds.

With the MetaMask extension installed, it will always be available in your browser’s toolbar, ready to keep you on the path to crypto-wealth. This product is easily accessible, and you can see how easy it is to use from the steps. Also, sending coins is straightforward; there’s an easy-to-understand button, and all the rest is understandable. So, in case something goes wrong and you have to restore, this is the best option for you. It must be backed up first, and here’s how we can do it.

After clicking on this extension, the first thing you will notice is a field with “Account 1,” under which you will see the public address. Now you can copy this address and use it to send cryptocurrencies from another exchange or wallet. Clicking the ‘Buy button’ will enable you to purchase Etherum and other ERC-20 tokens from Coinbase or Shapeshift as alternatives.

By clicking ‘send’ on a particular asset, you can send it to a specified address, and you must confirm the transaction before you can complete it.

The process of using Ethereum Apps revolves around confirming transactions, so there isn’t much to explain. The process consists of connecting to an app, selecting how much you wish to send or receive, and confirming the transaction.

What is the seed phrase for backing up and restoring your Metamask wallet?

If you want to re-connect your wallet, changing your web browser or computer, here is how to do it. The first step to finding your seed phrase is to see it in your database, which you should have already stored.

  • Click on the account icon.
  • After this, head to click Settings.
  • Find Reveal Seed Words and click it.
  • Enter your password.
  • The Secret Seed Phrase should now be saved somewhere, preferably not digitally. Having backed up the data, now all you need to do is learn the restoring process.
  • To import an account seed phrase, open Metamask and click Import.
  • Enter your Seed Phrase.
  • After this, you have to create a new strong password.
  • Click Restore.

With these simple steps, your account will now be restored successfully.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Below are some of the crucial benefits and drawbacks of backing up and restoring your wallet.


  •  Only users that have a single plugin will be able to access these Dapps.
  •  Users don’t have to store private keys with a list of words, as transactions are signed on their behalf automatically.
  • As Ethereum sends requests to nodes outside the user’s computer, users do not download the blockchain.


  •  The MetaMask browser extension stores private keys within the browser. Wallets made from paper or hardware are more secure. The ease-of-use compromise is reasonable.
  •  As an external node, it relies on external nodes that sometimes go down, preventing MetaMask from working.


The user’s level of diligence is the only real factor that determines MetaMask’s safety. MetaMask, but all crypto wallets present high risks if they are carelessly used. Our highly recommended method for those who are confident of their conscientiousness is to try out MetaMask. As soon as you have mastered MetaMask, you may explore decentralized exchanges, NFT markets, and two dozen blockchain arcades.

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