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Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have taken the world by storm. In many respects, we’re already in the Metaverse. We expect internet access at high speeds and consumer devices to reach more and more parts of the world. But, we’re not there yet, the 3D virtual environment we’ve all associated with science fiction movies. NFTs are digital assets that live on the blockchain. This means a digital file, which could be anything that has value to it or not. Value is any price that someone will pay for an asset that lives online. Let’s imagine the myriad ways with which we can program an NFT to perform a set of functions on the internet.

There are many claims the internet replicates the physical world to the blockchain. While dressing it up with a layer of digital artificial intelligence. This is cheap and accessible to every internet user in the world. This encompasses the internet of things revolution to program the machine world. Interoperable standards reflected with real-time smart data on-chain unlocks business models. The best time to make blockchain-based tools and services is now. As web 3.0 expands across the world, we are going to see an influx of talent and capital migrate to this new world.

It’s time to find NFT assets for the metaverse. This is the time to build on the space left by NFTs.

Virtual Land

We know land is the enabler of the physical economy for creating generational wealth. Likewise, the metaverse economy’s land sales have been off to a steady start. There are plenty of indications ‌of why virtual land democratizes land ownership for all. The benefit of blockchain technology is that ownership records of NFTs are immutable. This overcomes a key physical world limitation. Many judicial cases get caused owing to the forgery of land ownership records. This is more prevalent owing to the urbanization all over and increasing prices.

There are metaverse projects launching every week. Making Virtual land NFTs a part of one’s own in the emerging metaverse economy is a prospect. Not only does it have plenty of upside potential, but also part of a community of metaverse landowners. More people will own more land in the metaverse instead of the physical world. This is because it is easier to build land on the blockchain, but, fixed in the real world. Many people want to own utility assets instead of investment or entertainment purposes. More tools and services need to get built.

NFT Renting, Lending and Dividends

The Metaverse economy needs financial models so that everyone’s needs get cared for. These are opportunities they would otherwise not have found, in physical world networks. NFTs represent assets of demonstrable utility and value. It can get used by someone else for the same or some other purpose. This is because blockchains can get interoperable with each other. NFTs from one blockchain could get on another application from a different blockchain,

We can have rent and lend NFTs in exchange for governance tokens. This uses your NFTs in its smart contracts is a great way to earn passive income. This opens a revenue stream that was not possible in the physical world. All because of restrictions in distribution and lack of a decentralized database. How can a blockchain solve this issue? It does so by having logic in the center. As open and accessible to all at the same time. The power to make changes is open to everyone.

Second, smart contracts enable you, as an artist, to specify the amount of royalty you need to receive. This is upon secondary sales of your NFT on different blockchain platforms. For the first time in history, artists can build their communities online, a deal of ownership. And also free to unnecessary intermediaries and globally in scope.

Play-to-Earn Games

Professionals may be of the opinion that crypto and gaming go well for each other. It also represents the future version of the internet. The only question now is to wait till the rest of the world gets convinced and sets up bases on the blockchains. Once done, the world can reach out to its prospective audiences. This is the ideal version of the world, and also as the metaverse powered by NFTs.

We’re a battle between a section of the gaming community using NFTs in blockchain games. We’re abstracting the obviousness of games using NFTs and decentralized finance. This is so gameplay remains as seamless as possible. This means games need to find gameplay methods to account for decentralized finance.

The gaming economy will most likely be the largest and most relevant of the metaverse economy. This is because many applications will look like games, anyway. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are going to replicate the complexity of the physical world. And also the financial system to build a parallel world economy. This is intelligence layer sets the coordination required to run the physical world.

Social Networking and Virtual Events

Social networking changed the way we viewed person-to-person communication. This is since we started talking more or texting more or both. For, business networking, social media is proving to be a huge connection layer. People coordinate with each other across the world. So come together and build products, communities, and social identities.

In the Metaverse, social networking will come to be complex and sophisticated. Personal and professional communication gets enriched and enhanced. This is to increase the quality of our social interactions. In many ways, both the personal and professional worlds will merge. This means we will value physical experiences more and spend more time outside when we do. NFTs and the metaverse will ensure that every passion will have an online presence.

We can understand how they can contribute their own energies. Let us work for a better world. Let us work for a decentralized world. A world where social media is front and center needs many things to create an equal world. There is every reason to believe that blockchains can make this vision happen.


We’re amidst a once-in-the-generation technology shift. Early movers are taking the most of the risk while also shouldering the most of the rewards. Likewise, you can also start building an NFT collection of metaverse assets as soon as possible!

NFTically is a venture that helps brands, creators, and enterprises to create and launch their own NFT marketplaces. .

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