How to create and sell Digital Art online using computerized technology?

Acrylic, clay, or any other physical forms are typically the first things that come to mind when thinking about art materials. However, in today’s technological world, many artists prefer to work with digital technology as well. If you would like to learn how to make Digital Art, the very first step is to learn about the various approaches and tools you’ll require to get started.

An art piece created or displayed utilizing some sort of digital technology is known as digital art. Pictures made with applications on a machine or hand-drawn drawings imported into a machine and completed with a digital drawing application fall under this category. Artists have limitless creative choices while working with digital art to produce their creations. Today we will share with you how to create as well as sell those digital artworks online. 

How to create Digital Art using computerized technologies? 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned digital artist, the most crucial talents you must have are a desire to grow and a willingness to create an idea. You don’t even require a master’s degree in painting to start exploring digital art development. You can produce stunning digital masterpieces if you have a few fundamental computer abilities, an eagerness to learn, as well as a creative mind.

To have your ideas get in operation, you should spend considerable time learning how to use various digital tools and their applications. Photoshop, as well as Adobe Illustrator, are two of the most widely used digital art software. These are among the application alternatives available to you. Most of these applications are incredibly complex but offer a vast range of features that allow you to produce nearly any form of art.

But, if you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend money on software, there are also some free design software alternatives to explore. The easy-to-use designing facility on some applications makes it simple to create digital art. Digital assets such as Zoom backdrops, Facebook posters, memes, and many more are simple to create.

There are various approaches to accomplish this task. Let’s see what those different approaches are – 

Pixel Art

Pixel art is an excellent method to begin making your digital graphics. It is distinct and also gives a vintage feel. Pixel art is becoming increasingly trendy among creative professionals. In some of the most famous video games, you could see a good bit of pixel graphics. Pixel art would necessitate the use of specialist tools, including Piskel or maybe Gimp. One can also create Pixel art using Photoshop.

Digital Painting

One of the delightful methods to produce digital art is through digital painting. This is now the closest analogy to hand-drawing a picture and afterward converting it to a digital file. Digital painting is the next best possible thing to sketching on paper if you love it. The most significant device for this choice is pressure-sensitive tablets, but you could even use any online software application that offers a drawing capability. 

Artwork in Vector Format

Vector art is another delightful method to make a wide range of customizable pictures that maintain their sharpness when scaled up or down. Vector painting is a lot like the dot-to-dot coloring pages you used to do as a kid. Developing vector pictures does not necessitate the use of any specific design software. All you require is a tablet or pc, as well as some applications. Inkscape, as well as Adobe Illustrator, are excellent vector art applications.

Our next important topic is how to sell those Digital Art online.

So after creating the masterpieces, you may think of selling them and earn some money. Do know you can convert them into NFT items, and then you can sell them. When you convert those artworks into NFTs, you will get more money than just selling them online. In this part of the post, we will share how to transform your digital artworks into NFT items and how to sell them. 

  • Open any online platforms that make NFT items and search for the create option. 
  • Now you have to create single or multiple collectibles for your NFT item. 
  • To publish a GIF, PNG, MP3, or other file formats, select the option “Choose File.” The maximum file size that can be uploaded is about 30 MB.
  • Fill in the value you want, or leave it at “put on sale.”
  • Give your NFT a label and a brief description.
  •  Next, you have to select the “Connect wallet” and then the “create” option.
  • To complete the advertising, submit the “Gas” charge.
  • To confirm the sell order with your digital wallet, select “Start.”
  • You will find the sign option in the MetaMask box. 

That concludes our discussion. It’s now on the market. The cash reaches the digital wallet once an item is sold. You may then spend them acquiring more NFTs or exchanging them into currency using an application like Coinbase.


Now you know how to create and sell digital artworks to earn money. NFTically is one of the best platforms where you can sell digital art. Toshendra Sharma established the framework. NFTically is a first-of-its-kind worldwide Non-Fungible Tokens platform for minting, buying, and selling NFTs, as well as a Business – to – business SaaS to build a white-label NFT Store. Every client should have the most potential to use NFT and Blockchain, which is the only goal of NFTically. To use this platform, you need to click on the word “NFTically,” which will directly take you to their homepage. 

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