How NFT Platform Babylons Is Evolving With New Market Trends

This article was written by Furkan Özalp, Co-founder and CEO of  NFT and GameFi marketplace, Babylons

The crypto space is changing, and Babylons is changing with it. Another year has come and gone as the end of 2022 approaches. A year that saw major digital assets give back most of the gains they achieved during the last historic bull run.

Babylons CEO Furkan Özalp writes about the NFT platform’s future plans.

How is the Crypto Space Evolving?

The speed of change in the crypto industry is extraordinary. But amidst the constant blur of activity, we see real momentum building around these undeniable trends:

  • Worldwide crypto adoption shows no sign of slowing down. Crypto is becoming more inclusive. Although we still have a long way to go, change is happening.
  • Blockchain is sparking fundamental changes that are here to stay. Bringing incredible benefits for investing, economic empowerment, and the inclusion of our diverse culture and heritage.
  • Just as NFTs are changing how we think about art and GameFi, the gaming industry, we will continue to see a widespread positive impact in many more industries, including health, real estate, and more.
  • The blockchain interoperability race is on. Interoperability is not a luxury but a crucial prerequisite for mass adoption and the emergence of a scalable, integrated, and intuitive Web3 ecosystem. Projects and protocols looking to bring the space closer to a multichain ecosystem are emerging.

How Babylons is Shaping the NFT Space

Here is how Babylons is part of developing and building momentum in line with these trends:

Babylons is our first venture, and all credit goes to Babylons’ team of 30 dedicated and talented professionals, all with previous entrepreneurial knowledge and experience. We started Babylons as an NFT Marketplace on the BNB Chain and had a lot of success because we nailed the GameFi call last summer.

Babylons is an ecosystem governed by a unique DAO model, serving as a community-governed NFT Platform, a premiere blockchain gaming aggregator, a cutting-edge launchpad, and Web3 technology solutions provider trusted by over 200 partners.

We have processed over $20M USD in marketplace volume and raised more than $2M USD in primary sales for our partnered projects since April 2021.

NFTs, GameFi, and Web3 Solutions for an Engaged Community

NFTs, GameFi, and Web3 are three terms that have quickly become a hot trending topic. As a frontier blockchain-based business, we built an interoperable ecosystem to contribute to the growth of the GameFi and NFT sectors. We set our vision to deliver world-class innovative products and experiences that lives and dies by the community that embraces them.

What Babylons has achieved so far

We completely revamped our Discord and activated a reward system for our dedicated community to create a space where Web3 enthusiasts like to hang out. The team and our OGs are always present to interact with our community. We hope you’ll drop by for a chat as well.

Our multichain marketplace is live. Our developers are always working on improvements and the addition of new innovative features. We understand the tasks and the requirements. We believe in our product—Babylons will always create, innovate and plan for a brighter future in Web3.

What Babylons is planning

We are preparing a series of free-mint NFT drops to go with our multichain launch. We plan to reward our ever-supportive, die-hard community members who’ve been with us since the beginning. In addition, we aim to reach out to new members, wherever they may be.

The first drop will be delivered by mid-November. Although its utilities are being fine-tuned, one that is certain is that collectors will be automatically whitelisted for our official NFT collection.

We have been working on our official NFT collection since early Spring. We have a talented designer working hard to create stunning PFP-worthy art. We’re writing so much lore to create an even more immersive experience. We plan to add lots of utilities that will reward collectors and tie all that we do together. We are considering dropping our official NFT collection in 2023.

As the global and crypto economy weathers several headwinds, including the bear market, rest assured that at Babylons, we will remain a stable source of rewards while continuing to provide best-in-class solutions for our clients and community in the GameFi, NFT, and the broader cryptocurrency market.


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