How is Web3 changing in person events?

In the eighth episode of our new season of Web3 Innovators, our host Conor Svensson is joined by Bo Brustkern, Co-Founder and CEO of Fintech Nexus, a niche media company covering innovation in financial services.



Episode highlights:

  • How one of Bo’s Co-Founders insisting he bought at least one Bitcoin initially got him interested in the space
  • The research he undertook to fully understand the role DeFi and DAOs were going to play in the evolution of financial services
  • How Fintech Nexus developing into a Web3 business benefits the community
  • Why Bo believes regulation is the biggest challenge the industry faces 
  • The impact of the way different world governments interpret Web3 technologies will have on regulation
  • “Economic dissatisfaction breeds war”, Cordell Hull, US Secretary of State (1933- 1944)
  • The impact of accredited investor laws in the US
  • The technology advances Bo sees when attending Web3 conferences
  • How Bo sees blockchain and Web3 technology impacting events in the future
  • Fintech Nexus USA event in May 2023

Key Takeaways:

As a media company, we’re so focused on developing. Doing our work for the benefit of the community. It’s the perfect place to be to both consume and report on, to engage in, to discuss Web3 technologies and if we do our job really well then both sides benefit. – Bo

I don’t think we’re headed in the right direction. I think there really are sceptics who are beyond sceptical. They are becoming really quite effective in trying to beat back the Web3 economy and blockchain technology and the various crypto tokens that are part of that. In the end, will those sceptics win? – Bo

We not only have to embrace the technologies, but we have to embrace the values behind those technologies. – Bo

The majority of the world’s people have the freedom where they can choose to work with these technological innovations. Now, of course, the regulatory climate in the US does create some hurdles for people, but people can still hold cryptocurrencies and get involved in these projects. – Bo

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