House of Blueberry Raises $6Million To Bring Fashion into the Metaverse

House of Blueberry, the leading digital fashion house in the metaverse with over 20 million digital assets sold, has raised $6 million in seed funding. The aim is to expand its digital fashion business on Web2 and Web3 platforms, and in the interactive entertainment industry.

House of Blueberry, the leading digital fashion house, has raised $6 million in seed funding. Credit: @WearBlueberry

Details of House of Blueberry’s seed funding

Led by Makers Fund, the seed round funding will be used by Blueberry to secure new partnerships with other games and virtual worlds. Given these points, expanding its audience is the main reason behind this move.

Mishi McDuff, the founder of House of Blueberry, said the following:

“Our ultimate vision is to become the largest digital fashion house in the world. While it’s still early days, we are proud of the foundation we have already built and we’re thrilled about partnering with interactive entertainment experts at Makers Fund and about having more firepower to continue building authentically for and with our community, to power creative, aesthetic and aspirational self-expression on any digital platform where it matters.”

Further, the round of funding will allow House of Blueberry to advance its growth into new communities. To accomplish this, male and androgynous designs, along with makeup, accessories, and other virtual assets will emerge.

About HOB

Founded in 2012, House of Blueberry has sold over 20 million HOB digital assets across multiple platforms such as Roblox, The Sims, and Second Life. Further, the company gained popularity in the digital fashion world by partnering with brands like Natori and Boy Meets Girl. Through the partnerships, House of Blueberry launched their first virtual collections. This includes Jonathan Simkhai’s first Metaverse Fashion Week and Broadway’s first-ever Metaverse fashion drop with Dear Evan Hansen.



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