Hadean and Mythical Games Collaborate on Cross-Chain Gaming Infrastructure

Hadean, an award-winning metaverse project, is joining Mythical Games on the Mythos Foundation. In doing so, Hadean will help build initiatives allowing for greater interoperability between metaverse projects. What is the Mythos Foundation?

Hadean is joining the Mythos Foundation
Image Credit: Mythos Foundation

What is the Mythos Foundation?

The Mythos Foundation is made up of five metaverse projects led by Mythical Games. The projects work together to promote Web3 gaming, reduce friction points between ecosystems, and fund technology to improve metaverse experiences. By pooling resources, the foundation is breaking barriers and allowing for greater synergy between different projects.

Craig Beddis, Hadean CEO, notes that the “Mythos vision for a democratised gaming ecosystem is in perfect sync with our view of a decentralised metaverse, where gamers, developers and creators are able to actively participate in the value chain, and we look forward to playing our role in supporting this group of trailblazing industry partners.”

Holders of the $MYTH token vote on the five chair members. Once elected, projects serve a one-year term. During that time, elected projects work together to further the interests of Web3 gaming.

What is Mythical Games?

Founded in April 2018, Mythical Games is a next-generation gaming studio. The company believes that the ownership of digital assets is the future of gaming. The key to this future, the company believes, is NFT technology.

So far, the LA-based gaming studio has created well-known blockchain games Blankos Block Party, an open-world multiplayer game, and NFT Rivals, an arcade-style game created in Partnership with the National Football League.  Both games are playable now and have in-game NFT assets available to buy and sell on the Mythical Games marketplace.

Mythical Games partnered with the NFL to create an NFT game
Mythical Games partnered with the NFL to create NFL Rivals, the league’s first blockchain game
Image Credit: Mythical Games

The future is bright for Mythical Games.  The company has already raised $260m in venture funding to build an industry-leading gaming studio.  As evidenced by the creation of the Mythos Foundation, they also seem to have a pulse on the Web3 principles of cooperation and community.




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