Gutter Cat Gang Launches GCG Community Toolkit to Empower Members!

Popular digital collectible project Gutter Cat Gang introduces the GCG Community Toolkit. This collection of brand assets assists Gutter members in creating with their digital collectibles or establishing their own standalone brands.

The GCG Toolkit comprises a wide range of resources. These include the GCG Community Brand Book, fur patterns based on member holdings, typefaces, beats, brand colors, and a community badge. By connecting their wallets on the Gutter Collectors Hub, Gutter Cat community members access the Toolkit. Here, they can use it to create unique content.

The Toolkit provides clear and concise brand guidelines for those who wish to use their assets commercially. This in turn incentivizes the community to contribute to the brand. All the while, the GCG brand maintains control of its own brand image. A genius move to propel not only brand image, but also to help build it’s community members’ brands and launch their tools and ideas!

This new toolkit follows the GCG Community Gallery Launch earlier this month. With the GCG Community Gallery, individuals who use their Gutter digital collectibles’ intellectual property are showcased. Members who create remarkable products, art, games, music, fashion, and other creative initiatives are given a platform to amplify their work.

About Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang, the genesis collection of Gutter, was launched in June 2021. This marks the brand’s birth on the unpaved streets of the decentralized internet. The brand’s gritty aesthetic and unapologetic attitude attracts a tribe of web3 gutter cats. A community of rebels, misfits, and underdogs, who are the core supporters and staff of the brand.

Gutter quickly became a driving force for web3 culture. They owe it to the projects style, storytelling, and innovative partnerships. These partnerships include top names in sports and streetwear.  Today, it is also a global community of collectors and creators who work together to shape the future of web3 culture.

Moreover, the metaverse is the next generation of the internet where digital identity, expression, collecting, and ownership take precedence over the physical world. In this new digital-first world, Gutter is also a next-generation brand that blends street culture and web3.



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